Джордж Клуни впервые заговорил о беременности жены The actor confirmed the information about the interesting position of his beloved wife. George Clooney told that are eagerly waiting for replenishment in the family. He also told reporters he was very happy to become a father for the first time.

      Джордж Клуни впервые заговорил о беременности жены

      Not so long ago in the tabloids, there is evidence that actor George Clooney is preparing for the replenishment of the family. Rumors about this went before, but in January of this year, the artist’s wife Amal Alamuddin have appeared in public in dress casual, and journalists were able to see the rounded belly, a famous lawyer.

      Wife of George Clooney showed rounded tummy

      Until recently George Clooney chose not to say that his fiancee is in an interesting position. However, in one interview, the actor spoke for the first time on the subject of his paternity. He confirmed that indeed preparing for the fact that Amal Clooney will soon be a mother of adorable twins.

      “We are extremely happy. We have a big adventure,” – said the actor, smiling broadly.

      Clooney also spoke about how his surroundings reacted to the news. According to the actor, the friends expressed their readiness to support him, but seriously not done. “It was quiet, and suddenly the friends got together to portray the screaming children. Then the whole table burst into laughter,” shared George.

      In addition, journalists asked the actor what it’s like to be a father at 56 years old. In answering this question, the actor candidly spoke about his role models.

      “I am inspired by Jean-Paul Belmondo, who became a father for the fourth time at the age of 70 years. Knowing this, I feel a lot better,” said Clooney.

      Before, the issue of replenishment in the family of the famous actor spoke his mother Nina Bruce Warren. In conversation with reporters, she confirmed the information, which is actively exaggerated in the media. The woman also reported what was your reaction to the news.

      “They’re waiting for and boy and a girl, as I expected. This is incredible! I and my husband are extremely happy with this news. About their names I said nothing, it is a matter George and Amal,” – said the mother of the actor.

      The information that George Clooney will soon be a father also commented on his longtime friend Matt Damon. I must say that the artist is able to keep other people’s secrets: he reported what he had learned about the pregnancy Amal Alamuddin last fall.

      “On the frontier George seized the moment and took me to the side, barely holding back tears. I was so happy for him. And I said, “How long?” And he said, “Eight weeks.” I said, “are You crazy? Don’t tell anybody else! You don’t know the “rules of the 12 weeks?” Of course, he didn’t know. And I said to him: “Keep your mouth shut, mate,” shared Matt Damon.