Stewardesses “Aeroflot” declared discrimination based on age and weight

Стюардессы «Аэрофлота» заявили о дискриминации по возрасту и весу A few of the flight attendants told reporters that the airline allegedly infringe on the rights of the employees. Women are serious and intend to defend their rights in court. According to them, Aeroflot has formed lists of unwanted women.

      Journalists report about the scandal, which dragged Aeroflot. Several flight attendants said that in the organization there is alleged discrimination based on age and weight. They argue that the company has made so-called lists of “CTC”, which included about 400 “old, fat and horrible” employees. According to the women, in June 2016, they were forced to take photos in full height, lifted a face closeup, and measuring a centimeter.

      One of the dissatisfied — 41-year-old Eugene Mahurin, she has been with the company since 2010. At the moment the woman is besprovodnikovy 1st category. Only in Eugene for more than 15 years of experience in the field of aviation. According to journalists, the claim against the employer Magarinos arrived in Presnensky court on 19 January, and her case will be heard in March.

      “It happened in June last year: we all said that Aeroflot now abroad will fly only young and thin. We are all massively photographed and measured, some even weighed – this was done under the pretext of the rebranding of the airline and order a new form for employees. My life has changed since mid-August, but many suffered before. Everyone who was older than 40 and who have more clothes 48th, stopped to put on overseas flights. They gathered all of us in office No. 1, staging a real torture us: left only the night and a short morning flights,” he told reporters Eugene.

      After the woman ceased to fly abroad, it has noticeably decreased salary. In his letter to President Vladimir Putin, Yevgeny Megurine called the company a “model enterprise”. “Almost none of those who were in group STS cannot short flight to descend sanitary norms”, — the statement says flight attendants.

      Correspondents report that active dissatisfaction with the policy of the company, which she allegedly holds in respect of the flight attendants, also expressed several other colleagues Magarinos. They intend to sue the employer. Among those who ventured to speak on the topic of discrimination was a 42-year-old Natalia. According to the woman, her colleagues fell into the hungry fainting, desperately trying to lose weight.

      “You know, it’s very humbling when you weigh as some kind of cow- I, for example, 46-th size clothing and with my height 164 cm fat I am unlikely to be called. And ugly I never believed in “Aeroflot” have always tried to take a cute flight attendants… Why in the end I should poke fun at himself by following someone else’s whims and ideas about beauty?” — told Natalia.

      The words of the women confirms another stewardess Irina. She filed a lawsuit in Perovsky court of Moscow. The requirements that the company allegedly submits to their female employees, and Irina calls illegal. According to flight attendants, she tried to resolve the issue peacefully, but this does not lead to anything.

      In addition, an employee of the airline claiming to be from the unwanted flight attendants are trying to get rid of. They said doctors medical flight-expert Commission was ordered to examine representatives of the “CTC” with a special predilection, reports “Radio Freedom”.

      Subsequently, the reporters contacted the airline to comment on the situation. Quote “Aeroflot” quotes RBC.

      “If the statement of the flight attendants will sort it out in court, we will provide lists of surnames of several hundreds of airline flight attendants over 40, who performed in 2016 and continue to make in 2017 international flights,” said the company.