Regina todorenko sat on an unusual diet

Регина Тодоренко села на необычную диету
The presenter told us about his way of dealing with stress.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: @Instagram reginatodorenko Regina Todorenko

While most of the stars of “preaching” the right diet, raw food diet, dropping the carbs and stuff, Regina todorenko follows his special diet. It turned out that the presenter there is a peculiarity: when she was nervous, she wakes up the appetite. Regina it does not hold back and allows himself to eat whatever I want.

Recently she published the picture, which was captured during one of these meals, caused by strong emotions. “So I’m stress-eating! And what do you do when you’re nervous?” asked Regina fans. In the picture Todorenko posing in the “environment” of three dishes including a big plate of pasta and a few bread rolls.

It’s amazing how in such a food TV star manages to maintain a perfect figure. It is not excluded that a big role in this is love Regina to the surf. This sport is a real passion. Todorenko even have a personalized surfboard. This hobby appeared in the star of the show “heads or Tails” recently, but it seems that the surfing is exactly what Regina was looking for all my life.

“Damned unpleasant to choke, very sore hands from rowing and weak back’s killing me… I try my best. Thank you, my competent instructor, patience and faith. I remember when I first entered the water, and my instructor reached a certain point where you can already catch waves, life embodied all my fears, I thought. I immediately got the Board around, and then Board turned around and I got lips, smashing them into the blood. I decided for myself that let it be a kind of initiation into the surf, let go of all your fears and a few drops of the first green wave was conquered — I got on Board!” — Regina says.