Victoria Beckham sues insulted her company

Виктория Бекхэм подает в суд на оскорбившую ее компанию
The wife of the famous football player sued for libel.

Виктория Бекхэм подает в суд на оскорбившую ее компанию

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham furious at her, as she is not without reason believes, subjected to
public insult. Besides, actions humiliated her company, was also

43-year-old Victoria was shocked to find out that the streets of the Tyneside city,
located in the North-West of Britain, touring cars with advertising
the posters, which she exhibited in caricature. Moreover, it is not
friendly cartoon: legitimate spouse of David Beckham depicted there in the form of a skeletal person extremely
unattractive appearance. Posters constitute advertising firms producing
fast food, particularly pizza, which is called Sidhu Fish and Chips. And next to the image
skeleton-Victoria emblazoned inscription: “do You think that Victoria Beckham looks
thin? No, if you want to know what is “thin”, it is our new pizza:
she thick just 2

Photo: @NathanLeeTV/

Now, the lawyer Victoria is preparing against Sidhu Fish and Chips the prosecution in two
items. First — slander, as the poster shows Victoria in the form
the patient is a severe form of anorexia. And the second paragraph claims — charges
unlawful use of the name Beckham for commercial purposes.

Manager Sidhu Fish and Chips already
had to comment on the reaction of Victoria. He said: “It was just
trying to joke and make people smile”. And assured that his company was not going to put
Beckham anorexic, because everyone understands how hard
disease. However, such explanations
is unlikely to satisfy Victoria.