Регина Тодоренко попала в беду во Вьетнаме The star of the TV show “heads and tails” continues to participate in the recording of the new season. At the moment, the girl together with the operators located in the South-East Asia. But the shooting had to be postponed, because the machine, which drove Todorenko and her colleagues on the program, drove into the swamp. The guys could not solve the problem and was afraid that I will be able to cope.

      Регина Тодоренко попала в беду во Вьетнаме

      The most famous traveler on the TV Regina todorenko spread around the world and tried to imagine all that is possible. But each time the shooting, “eagle and tails” remind her of the lesson of survival. Currently, the girl starred in the 13th season of transmission. One of the first places, which went to the working group, was Sunny Vietnam. By the way, all the enthusiasm leading quickly disappeared when the car in which rode Regina, stuck in a swamp. A few hours guys tried to pull transport.

      Regina todorenko spoke about the difficult separation from loved ones

      Todorenko made a video showing that the incident occurred late at night, so ask for help nobody. As a result, the shooting that was scheduled for the morning, was canceled because the star together with the operators had to spend on the road more than 12 hours. Regina admitted that did not expect such a turn of events. First published in Network video, she even laughed and expressed the hope that soon the problem will be solved.

      Регина Тодоренко попала в беду во Вьетнаме

      I must say that Regina was not informed, to what place she was going. However, judging from the short clips, the film crew and without having had to spend many hours on the road. After getting the car stuck in a swamp, all forces were thrown to get him out of there. Without a vehicle they wouldn’t be able to get to your destination, not to mention the fact that the recording of the program was shifted in time.

      “Are you already asleep? Slept and woke up? And we’re still going. We have a hell of a road. Just some kind of hell. Now even the rain,” complained a celebrity.

      By the way, as soon as the crew of the “eagle and tails” arrived to the right place, Todorenko has posted another video in which I filmed the guys from the crew and wished them a good day. Judging by nastroeniu Regina, she was incredibly happy that exhausting route was, in the end successfully overcome.