Леонид Агутин разоткровенничался о чувствах к супруге The actor told fans that this year they celebrate a memorial for their family date. Exactly 20 years ago, the wife began to work in tandem, so they traditionally celebrate the day when it started a joint career. Your feelings Leonid Agutin decided to share in the social network.

      Leonid Agutin shared the good news with their followers. He told them that 20 years ago began performing on stage with Angelica Varum. And since fans can’t imagine them without each other. This event is of great significance for the singer. He admitted that honors him because it was momentous, radically changing everything. After all, one year later, Agutin and Varum declared themselves a couple and moved in together. In the summer of 2000 lovers officially legalize their relationship.

      Agutin amazed with the way God has changed over the years

      Despite this year’s celebrities will celebrate the 17th anniversary of wedding, for them, apparently, January 15, is more memorable. Since 1997, the couple performs together, so most of the students I used to see them on one stage. Throughout this time they tried to create joint projects, which are constantly made concessions to each other. Thus obtained solid composition, which reveals the musical potential of each of them.

      “This year marks 20 years since we worked together, and today, 19 years since we live together! I am incredibly grateful to my beloved wife over the years. If you could go back 20 years ago, I would have done the same. Will take the liberty to assume that we both think so. It is amazingly strong, bright and confident feeling when you realize that the met is not just love, and their destiny. In General, I wish us luck and of course you, dear!” – wrote in Instagram actor.

      Leonid Agutin was accompanied by a touching appeal to his wife’s photograph from the family archive. Fans expressed the opinion that the picture was taken around the same time that nostalgic performer. The artist could not share the feelings experienced by the spouse. He believes that this man is largely contributed to their lives turned out the best. It is not surprising that the famous couple remains one of the strongest in the Russian show-business. Their musical Duo, according to most users, is the result of years of work. Many wonder how two renowned creative individuals manage to get along together.

      “Happiness to you and the weather in the house for a long summer! You’ll be great, there will be music, we will be the joy and pleasure of your creativity!”, “You two are such an individual, such as Varum, such as Leonid Agutin, no more. Very glad to have you on our stage. Well done!”, “The most beautiful couple of our platform. I wish you health and long life. You are an example to follow,” “you’re very beautiful and talented couple. Just one of the stars in Russia. Wish you new creative successes and three times for twenty happy family years together,” congratulated Leonid subscribers in the Network.

      Fans of Agutin and Varum think that they are one of the few domestic artists who remain true to themselves and not involve anyone in the family problems. The couple, according to followers, try as little as possible to focus on your personal life. Because of this, they have never been involved in any major scandals. Some admitted that their own families are the real debate who of the two artists better. But almost no one can answer this question. “I always thought, who I like, but you are inimitable, in their own way, it’s tough to decide”, “I like Varum, husband – Agutin. Honestly, you’re both worthy of adoration. Everyone, thanks for the songs,” was the opinion of the fans of the artists.