Джонни Депп требует от бизнес менеджеров 25 миллионов долларов

A court showdown between Hollywood actor johnny Depp and wife amber heard, slowly turned into a trial to his financial managers. The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” last accuses of incompetence and of fraudulent actions.

Johnny requires Themis to recover from negligent managers of The Co and Mandel The Management Group, $ 25 million. In the same amount Depp assess your damages and financial losses. By the way, doing the above mentioned organizations, not only the finances of the artist, but also legal matters, and their unprofessional actions led to huge losses of celebrities, and to pay the costs, johnny has to sell its assets. This is stated in the official statement of the representative of a celebrity:
“Mr. Depp is one of the most popular artists in the world. It so happened that he became a victim of his financial and legal managers, lack of professionalism which led to the loss of tens of millions of dollars. Like many celebrities, johnny has entrusted their savings to professionals to ensure yourself and your family a comfortable future, based on hard-earned money. Unfortunately, as a result of fraudulent actions of the managers and their lack of professionalism, Mr. Depp has lost tens of millions of dollars and are now forced to sell their assets to pay their costs.”
As we reported, johnny put on the real estate market is your favorite French village the place he wanted to spend his old age. Obviously, it is those assets that Depp has to sell.
However, the answer of the representative of The Management Group Michael Kamp did not have long to wait. The lawyer of the organization said that to large financial losses resulted in no fraud managers, and the extravagance of the artist, who likes to live large. In addition, Kamp has suggested that this trial johnny wants to avoid paying a debt of five million dollars that Depp owed Managemet group for several years. The debt is “hanging” on johnny ever since 2014, but is suing The Management Group johnny thought up just now.