Husband of Diana Gorzka gave her a story in Bali

Муж Дианы Гурцкаи устроил ей сказку на Бали The singer with her husband went on vacation to the Islands. Peter Kucherenko organized an unforgettable holiday for your beloved woman. During the trip, they are exploring the sights of the country and get acquainted with the local culture.

      Муж Дианы Гурцкаи устроил ей сказку на Бали

      Diana Gurtskaya and her husband Peter Kucherenko has gone on two weeks in Bali. Island in the Malay archipelago particularly popular in this year, In January there is beautiful weather, and the water temperature reaches +30 degrees.

      Husband of the artist gave her a fabulous vacation. They admire the nature of the island, visit local temples and studying the culture of the inhabitants. As noted Kucherenko in his microblog, the Balinese have good creative skills. The locals create a unique sculpture in bronze and wood. Almost tourists when they handle the material and machined shapes.

      Муж Дианы Гурцкаи устроил ей сказку на Бали

      Judging by the pictures in social networks Diana and Peter, they are very pleased with the stay. “Sunset over Bali”, signed Gurtskaya, posting a picture on the background of the setting sun, together with the Director of the charitable Foundation for blind and visually impaired children, Natalia tchanturia.

      Fans of the singer admire the scenes of Diana and wish you a great stay. “Incredible beauty!”, “You are beautiful, as always” “You are very beautiful , happiness and best of luck to You in life!”, wrote the followers of the artist.

      Муж Дианы Гурцкаи устроил ей сказку на Бали

      Husband of Diana was surprised by the unpredictable weather of Bali. “On the coast – heat, mountains – tropical storms. Typical house and courtyard Indonesian farmer. Each building is like a room in our understanding,” says Kucherenko. Besides, Peter and I met with representatives of the local fauna and talked to the monkeys.

      The son of the singer also rests with parents, but they are in no hurry to show pictures from the heir. But a pair of joint frames cause a real delight. Diana has admitted in an interview that we must always listen and hear their partner. “Marriage is a joint daily work of two people. Especially if it is international, as we have. Not all smooth and pink, of course. But after ten years of living with my husband, I can tell you that we have a happy marriage,” said Gurtskaya.