Regina Todorenko criticized mother’s grandfather

Регину Тодоренко раскритиковал родной дедушка
The presenter told us about the manner of communication with the ancestor.

Photo: Instagram

Leading the project “heads and Tails” Regina todorenko loves his family. She talked about how important it is for her opinion of the native people and how she was grateful to them because they always support her in all endeavors. Regina’s mother, Irina, though admits that at times didn’t even want to know any details of, for example, about the threat of shooting. But Regina still shares with her, because she thinks: it is better to tell it than the mother learns from the press or from friends.

The most important critic of all that Regina makes, as it turned out, is her own grandfather.

“My Grandpa is the most progressive person in the world! — told Todorenko. — He is a dentist with 50 years of experience, he’s a great cook, he is always aware of all events. He managed to build a regional hospital in Odessa. He knows what fee j-Lo. He first told me that singer Beyonce on stage wears control top tights and said I also would not hurt! And seeing my cover for a men’s magazine, he said “don’t put the squeeze on, you better!” He has a million merits, he is the manliest man in the world, he was 77 years old, and I love it!”