Ksenia Alferova became interested in tennis

Ксения Алферова увлеклась большим теннисом
The actress boasted success in this sport.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova joined the ranks of lovers of big
tennis. The actress started training for this fashionable and expensive appearance

“Welcome new player! Preparing for the “Grand slam”,
— smiling star. Tennis for Ksenia —
a nice addition to daily physical activity. Alferov rightly
as one of the most sporting Actresses of the Russian cinema. It
enjoys Pilates, loves swimming and running. Ksenia regularly takes
the marathon, which easily overcomes distancia 10 km away. In winter, the artist
with the fun ice skating.

tennis is catching on among celebrities. Recently personal
coach this sport has hired Jasmine. Under the supervision of an experienced instructor
it hones the skills of mastery in one of the best schools in Chisinau. Singer
decided to start training on the court only after it dropped
extra pounds gained during her third pregnancy.

Some stars
I have been playing tennis with their children. Does the singer Maksim. Together
with her daughter she comes to the dojo where they train simultaneously,
being on the neighboring courts, each with its own instruktorom. “We closely follow
a friend and rejoice in the successes, — said the singer.