Regina todorenko completely naked on car

Регина Тодоренко полностью обнажилась на автомобиле The star of the popular show “heads and tails” has never hesitated to demonstrate their slender figure. But this time she decided to surprise subscribers special sight. In his Instagram she wrote a post about the imminent airing her music video, accompanied by a recording of Frank trailer.

      Leading the eighth season of project on the channel “Friday” has shared with fans the teaser clip below truly hot the Fire. Todorenko has announced its premiere, to wait which very long. Video Regina without any clothing lying on the roof of the van painted on the back of which is written in Latin letters the name of the main heroine – Regina Todorenko.

      In the comments to the post was sounded, however, as is always the case with celebrities, both positive and negative comments. Someone praised the star of the TV show, and someone skeptical about its looseness and vocal talent.

      “Soon. You will cover real fire. At first you feel it on your fingertips, your heart will start to beat faster. Second… and you are already dancing, forgetting about everything. Can you feel the fire coming? Premiere Fire. Soon” – signed post Todorenko.

      “Oh, what a beauty”, “great body! You should not hide in clothes”, “Regina, you’re awesome!”, wrote friendly-minded fans. “Why naked?”, “Regina, stop with the singing”, “Not Regin… you want this overdone. You’re a pure girl. Vulgarity doesn’t suit you,” complained the other.

      No response review Todorenko not given. By the way, this is not the first case when the presenter demonstrates her naked body. So, before Regina was filmed Nude for a men’s glossy magazines, as proudly told his fans on Twitter, not forgetting to illustrate the recording of candid photos.

      The girl really has a beautiful figure, which is not ashamed to show it to thousands of users. Great form is the merit, first of all, active and regular exercise. One of the Hobbies Todorenko surfing. She often travels, preferring sea resorts which are very popular among lovers of water extreme sports. So, one of my recent visits Regina was in Bali – the island that loves without exception, all the surfers.

      In addition to conquering the waves Todorenko, staying in Indonesia, decided to arrange for himself an unusual challenge – to go 10 days without shoes. “I start my bezolovni marathon. I have long wanted to do, feared that the streets are too dirty, sore some pick up or something. I think Bali island is so pure, so magical that I want to be closer to nature. In childhood we spent all summer with his brother went barefoot at the cottage in the garden, then urban life changed the little girl, and she was wearing sneakers, shoes, heels. Sometimes, all these things so strangle us that not only inside, but outside there are blocks, clamps. To avoid such blocks it is necessary to reboot. Rest your soul and body”, – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.