Регина Тодоренко вернулась на телевидение
Very soon on the channel “Friday!”starts a new show featuring popular TV presenter.

Photo: Instagram

Long frustrated fans of Regina Todorenko that will not see a girl on their television screens. After only two months after retiring from the popular show “heads and Tails” Regina will re-appear in the broadcast channel “Friday!”but in a different role.

Todorenko has become a leading new beauty show called “Macapure”. Her partner became a known celebrity stylist Vlad Lisovets.

“All my life I dreamed to be photographed and to work with Vlad!”admitted Regina.

“With Regina we are going to do this show, and it’s fire!”promised Vlad in a personal blog.

At the end of last year, the channel “Friday!”announced casting for makeup artists: “you Have a beauty salon, a beauty blog or just a huge desire to paint people? You believe can change the world with a brush? Concealer, Primer, Highlighter, shimmer and Plumper — for you it’s not the American men of letters, and devoted assistants in their daily work? Then we are looking for you!»

Over several months the artists will compete for an impressive prize, but to help (or hinder?) they will Todorenko and Lisovets. The shooting of the project at the moment are in Moscow in the Studio “AMEDIA”.