Anastasia Kostenko showed pregnant tummy

Анастасия Костенко показала беременный животик
The wife of Dmitry Tarasov has ceased to hide the pregnancy.

Photo: Instagram

Elegant wedding of Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko is over, you can relax and to enjoy family life in a new status.

The stars have officially registered their marriage on 9 January, and recently got married in a Church and staged a big celebration, which invited all their friends and relatives.

From the public did not escape the fact that at his own wedding Anastasia has never touched alcohol. Not even a SIP of champagne! One conclusion: model pregnant.

And now, two days after the wedding, the couple decided to stop hiding that soon they will have baby. Dmitry has published in a personal blog a photo in an embrace with his wife, which under the free dress clearly visible “pregnant” tummy.

«Congratulate!”— happy for a few fans.

Some were perplexed, how Anastasia managed to hide this quite an impressive tummy at the wedding. After all, the Network appeared a huge number of photographs, where not even a hint of pregnancy. The secret is simple: dress the model is specifically chosen with a slightly high waist, just enough that it is not conspicuous. The top of her slightly tightened corset. And in this day she was trying not to eat a lot and drink a little liquid. With these data, even in the evening, when the abdomen of a pregnant women becomes more noticeable in the early stages can be a bit of cheat. But now to escape makes no sense: young people are married before God and people. The couple is congratulated, although not yet commented on his “interesting position”. According to preliminary calculations, the child ‘ will be born this summer.