Регина и Лев Збарские: личная трагедия «красной королевы» подиума и ее супруга Muse Vyacheslav Zaitsev are unable to find happiness with a famous artist. Regina, which he called “Soviet Sophia Loren”, committed suicide from guilt. Lion Life died from lung cancer alone.

      Регина и Лев Збарские: личная трагедия «красной королевы» подиума и ее супруга

      Second week in a row the whole country with a sinking heart watching the serial film “the Red Queen”, which tells about the tragic fate of Regina’s Life. Role models played an actress Ksenia lukyanchikova, and her husband Artyom Tkachenko. For a young actress filming in the TV series were very stressful, because this is her debut film, had to catch up. To get in the way of the Soviet stars of the podium, Kseniya studied volumes of research materials in the libraries.

      “I had to readjust constantly, – says the actress about her character in an interview with reporters. – Were particularly intense one and a half weeks of filming in two abandoned buildings of the real psychiatric hospital. At that moment, if not friends, I could really go crazy”.

      Регина и Лев Збарские: личная трагедия «красной королевы» подиума и ее супруга

      Seventeen-year-old Regina Kolesnikova, a surname young lady had worn in girlhood, studied at VGIK, and went on “Bohemian” party, where she noticed Faith Aralova. Artist and leading specialist of the house of fashion on Kuznetsky most appreciated the beauty of the future models and has opened her way to the podium. So, the life of a simple girl suddenly lit up the light of spotlights and flashing cameras.

      The name of Regina’s Life for a long time on the lips of the most famous designers in the world. Muse Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Pierre Cardin and other designer graces the cover of popular fashion magazines. Dizzying career of a fashion model was cut short in an unexpected way. The culprit was a personal tragedy of Regina.

      The young model has attracted well-known Soviet artist Life lion, the son of biochemist Boris Life. The young man was well received in the artistic community, his work has been praised by such distinguished figures as Sergei Dovlatov, Maya Plisetskaya.

      In the early sixties Regina accepted the offer of the Lion about marriage. Beloved was one of the brightest pairs of the capital, they were watched by many fans. However, external elegant facade hiding an uneasy relationship.

      Регина и Лев Збарские: личная трагедия «красной королевы» подиума и ее супруга

      Life was a creative person, and the wife was his Muse. It was difficult for him to imagine her with small household chores. So when Regina found out she was pregnant, Leo was quite upset. Fearing to lose her, the mannequin went on a desperate step – to have an abortion.

      Unfortunately, this decision did not save the marriage podium stars and artist. Life soon fascinated another sultry beauty, Marianna Vertinskaya, and then went to Lyudmila Maksakova. Regina tried to stifle the pain of his antidepressants. But when the model is learned that the new family of the Lion his son, which finished off its already shaky psyche.

      Place social events, photo shoots and fashion shows took ward of a mental hospital. To cope with depression Regina helped the doctors. Among other things, Life was showered with political charges. It was rumored that she was involved with the KGB and was carrying out espionage activities.

      Регина и Лев Збарские: личная трагедия «красной королевы» подиума и ее супруга

      Regina’s appearance has changed – the former beauty and “Soviet Sophia Loren”, as it was called in the West, considerably recovered, and the endless depression drove her to thoughts of suicide. The third attempt at the age of 51 years, the model has managed to make a terrible move.

      It is noteworthy that the lion Life and not becoming an exemplary family man, emigrated to Israel, where he moved to the United States. Lyudmila Maksakova divorced former spouse of more than 40 years ago, since then he has had no contact with the family. The artist ended his days in complete solitude in one of the hospices in new York. In February 2016, has died of lung cancer. Grandson Life Peter attended the funeral of his grandfather, where he saw it for the first and last time.

      Grandchildren Lyudmila Maksakova buried his grandfather in his native USA

      “Lev Borisovich Life was not 22 February. – told “StarHit” mother of Peter, Catherine Dobrynin. – Petya and Anya are now in new York, and coincidentally, their own grandfather died there at the same time. Although children never met Lev Borisovich, but they went to the funeral. Pettine grandfather was Jewish, so the funeral ceremony was held according to Jewish traditions.”

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