The soloist of the group Serebro wrote a song Emin

Солистка группы Serebro написала Эмину песню

The singer presented her new music video for the song “let’s find each other”, which was composed by Olga Seryabkina.

Who would have thought that the flamboyant soloist of the group Serebro Olga Seryabkina not only beautiful, but, as they say, smart. She writes songs for his own group for a very long time – since 2007. Also Olga is the author of some of the hits Yulia Savicheva, Glyuk’ozy, now Emin has written a song – “let’s find each other”.

“I asked Amin: “What do you feel when you hear it?” – told Seryabkina. — He said, “you Know, I think that now is a time when people are very dispersed. I wish this song unites us all.“ I think she was very sensual!”

The idea to create such a song came to Emin at the end of last year, after he as part of his charity project visited several orphanages.

“After that, I began to see things differently, – the singer admitted. I saw the problem not only with young children needing adoption, but also with older children who are beginning adulthood. They may not be in power to adopt older, but they still need a friend or mentor… I wanted to capture this idea in music and write a song on this subject: “let’s find each other”, where an adult child can find a mentor, and the mentor will be able to share their care and knowledge with this child, maybe not being able to adopt him, but having a huge desire to help. So I called my friend Maxim Fadeev, and I told her, and in less than a day later, he sent me the music.”

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All these thoughts became the basis for the script of the video “let’s find each other”. The video consists of nine different short stories, one of them a young couple struggling with a terrible disease, another deaf find each other in the crowd, the third – a little boy waits for mother, and another boy of the same age saves the life of a dove, the mother meets her son from the service, the guy gets wheelchair – the video collected stories about people and human experience, so familiar to us all.

“We have selected the main themes that enable us the time to remember and appreciate that each of us has in life is family, and we are not alone, says Emin. — Nothing like I have ever done and did not take off in their musical activity. All stories drawn in the script, emotional and touching. My favorite story in the clip is about an old man who is going very sensitive and is preparing for the meeting with his old favorite, about a child who is waiting to meet her mother and rejoices when she sees her. The last topic is especially close to me now. Not so long ago in my family had another baby. Perhaps I wasn’t ready, but my life has changed a lot, and I am very happy that it happened.”

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