Милота дня: отец заставил младенца сделать уборку

The new Zealander Jordan Watson thanks to his comic video tutorials on how to make a baby to do housework, has become a true Internet celebrity.

Extremely funny videos Jordan posts on his YouTube channel How To the Dad and on the same page in Facebook. And if recent YouTube videos have collected 35 thousand hits, the social network it was truly viral over 6 million views in three days.

In the video the child under the guidance of father performs work around the house: wiping the dust from the table, washes the clothes, vacuuming the carpet, hanging wet clothes, cleaning the yard of fallen leaves. A funny thing happens when a father offers little helper to clean the toilet – a child goes to a remote denial.

In their video Jordan showed how inventive to feed the child, to teach to catch a ball or to bring dad a beer.

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