Все еще женатого Николаса Кейджа застукали в компании неопознанной красотки.
An unexpected twist in the divorce of the actor.

Все еще женатого Николаса Кейджа застукали в компании неопознанной красотки.

Nicolas cage and Alice Kim

Photo: Splash News/East news

Nicolas cage in the company of an unidentified beauty

Photo: Splash News/East news

Visitors to sushi restaurant Asanebo in
Los Angeles was puzzled when I identified the man, nestled with your
companion at one of the tables, the actor Nicolas cage. The fact that the actor
yet only recently announced its intention to begin divorce proceedings with
his third wife, Alice Kim. That is, formally, cage still married.

However, Nicholas did not even try to hide their feelings
with your charming companion. He then gently stroked her cheek, then took the hand of… a Girl
also strongly expressed his affection for the cage patting his back and
embracing for shoulders. And by the end of the evening, apparently forgetting that they all look he gave his girlfriend a kiss.

Who was the mysterious companion of Nicholas, reporters
yet failed to find out. Unidentified brunette facial Asian
the type was dressed in elegant Japanese kimono, while her head was adorned with
intricate hairstyle. It is curious that this girl, like Alice, which
divorce is now an actor, was also a much younger actor. But the most
interesting in this story is that Kim Nicholas at the time met too
at the sushi bar!

Cage first saw 19-year-old Alice in 2004 when she
worked as a waitress in a sushi bar in a nightclub. As stated by cage, it
fell in love with Kim at first sight. They soon became engaged and after only
a two-month engagement and got married…

The appearance of Nicholas at the public with new girlfriend was
complete surprise to all. After all, there were persistent rumors that the marriage of the actor
not broke from and his and her infidelity. It was reported that Kim allegedly cheated on
The cage with a much younger than 52-year-old Nicholas, a man.

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