Re-assembled: Alena Sviridova needed treatment abroad

Собрали заново: Алене Свиридовой потребовалось лечение за границей
The singer went through a “brutal” test.

Alena Sviridova with your doctor

Photo: @alenasviridova Instagram of Alena Sviridova

Alena Sviridova earnest for the recovery of his health. 55-year-old actress recently asked for help to the famous “chiropractor” leading the reception in Marbella, due to problems with the spine. As told by the singer, treatment sometimes “brutal”, but she suffers in order to once again feel healthy.

“He puts on athletes feet, all’s tennis team here grazing. Children with cerebral palsy. And those who are not lucky after various accidents. Unique technique, a lot of patents, and real results. It is absolutely not sentimental, not sentimental as a scientist, looking at the man as a subject of constant study. He is a genius of biomechanics. He doesn’t Lisp, explaining how it all works, but simply parses and collects you again. I have enough five days, during which time he makes me special exercises. First brutal, using the pressure of huge rollers, and then very easy, but after that I goes seven pots, because I resist. It’s so right!” — said Alain.

The artist already has the first results from restorative procedures. “He’s the only one who was able to put in place my protruding shoulder blades, which before him was proudly called wings, they say, where they go. He pulled out and straightened my neck, from which a long guitar exercise collapsed inside. Right to the place already very visible vertebra, which is already not so subtly hinted that she has withers. Now I can’t pass a mirror, not to wonder, wow, I have a smooth back and neck! And no withers!” — rejoices in their victories Alain.