Любовь Успенскую арестовали за вождение в пьяном виде
Queen of chanson made a promise to drink no more while driving.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: @uspenskayalubov_official Instagram Lyubov Uspenskaya

Lyubov Uspenskaya told that before allowed myself to get behind the wheel drunk. Many years ago the Queen of chanson busted on “drunk driving” and was even arrested for it. This unpleasant incident occurred with the singer in America, where she went to live in the 70s.

The assumption has long repented of his actions and more to drink before driving does not allow. “I will never sit behind the wheel while intoxicated. Even if I drink one glass of wine. And when it was something that I did. Had a similar experience recently. I was arrested in America. But better – than ever. And not because he was punished, but because I realized that because of me people can get hurt,” — said Love in the program “Honestly”.

It is worth noting that 63-year-old Love for a long time she is not “spinning wheel”, because she has a whole staff of servants, which includes a personal driver. In addition, the assumption, despite her love for cooking and cleaning, there are AU pairs, as well as a chef who cooks gourmet meals for her Pets. Singer for many years does not feed his beloved dog ready canned food. Personal chef every week is for “best friends” assumption menu. It includes only freshly prepared food from environmentally friendly products.