Rapper, the ILO has planned a wedding

Рэпер Мот запланировал венчание The musician decided to marry again. Matvey Melnikov, acting under the pseudonym ILO, married his beloved Mary in August last year. But the couple did not arrange a Grand celebration. April 23, the couple organize the Banquet and celebrate the two events.

      Last year, Matvey Melnikov, better known as the rapper of the ILO, was married to wife Mary. Young man happy to have found your soulmate, and therefore did not proceed with the marriage. However, they staged a rather modest ceremony in August last year – the couple just went to the registry office in jeans and white shirts. Grand celebration they are going to organize this year. Moreover, Matthew is so confident in his lady he was ready to consummate the Union before the heavens. April 23, the couple will again pronounce the vows of love.

      “The wedding we decided to celebrate in the suburbs. Originally wanted on the island of Santorini in Greece, as I have Greek roots, and beautiful there. But I confess that the Greeks are noted for their excessive laziness and irresponsibility. All that they are beautiful know how to do is to drink coffee and dance. On the wedding day we will be married, already took permission from father,” – told about the plans of the artist.

      Matthew admitted that the ill-wishers tried to embroil him with his wife. Some assured Mary that her husband has illegitimate children, and sometimes instead of a concert he was allegedly having a good time in the sauna. The rapper admits that the first time such rumors hurt him, but eventually he and his wife ceased to attach great importance to unpleasant messages from unknown people.

      Despite the negativity that often falls on the artists, Maria fully supports the efforts of the wife to develop as a musician. Last year she participated in the clip of Matthew to the punch. According to the rapper, this song is very personal, but because he was pleased that she had found response in the hearts of many listeners. Some fans believe that Matthew and Maria are perfect for each other and claim that they are literally made for each other. The artist himself believes that true harmony in marriage, they with the spouse lacks heirs.

      “Perfect it will be when you have kids. We think about it, but I want to do it right. Here will be married, and I don’t see anything that could prevent this – says Melnikov in conversation with journalists of the newspaper “Interlocutor”. The first wish of his son. Big brother is always support for the little sisters”.