Светлана Лобода вспомнила о ссоре с Аллой Пугачевой The actress admitted that after that, even more respect for the Diva. Loboda told about the concert of Alla, in which she once participated. According to Svetlana, she did not expect that communication with Pugacheva will take place in this format.

      While the popularity of the singer Svetlana Loboda is growing every day, fans of the star wondering how to begin her career. Few know, but one day she even went on stage with the Diva. The woman admitted that during the preparation of the “Christmas meetings”, which annually organizes Alla, was an unusual incident. The organizer asked her to make wings out of papier-mache, but when I saw the artist changed his mind.

      “I came to rehearsal just in a Jersey dress to the floor. I had wet hair, so the head covered with a scarf. Pugacheva saw me like this and said, “I canceled all the costumes. Want you were right!” From Alla this I did not expect. In tears, telling her: “This is my home! How can I go on the stage?” And she says to me: “You this simplicity! You are so strong: you have to go out and show another side of yourself!” At that moment I was very upset. My girls seamstresses did the wings throughout the week, do not sleep at night, and then they were not needed,” said the blonde.

      Not knowing what to do, So just left rehearsal and decided that it will not perform at the famous event. However, the fight still ended positively: wisdom Pugacheva has forced the actress to change her mind and return to the site.

      “After about an hour Alla called me and said to hurry back and not doing dumb stuff. Then I realized: what to wear artist is irrelevant. Alla Borisovna then I was chastised on the phone that I was speechless. Told her: “Sorry, be right there!” Came back, and since then my respect for this great woman has increased. We were in warm relations!”, – said Svetlana.

      Interestingly, to create vivid and memorable numbers the singer helps the love of the audience. She also said that the fans energize her special energy. But on the personal front Loboda is quiet. Beauty wants to see a strong, intelligent and smart man.

      “To live with a female artist is very difficult, and I’m aware of this report. I need someone very persistent. And loving. We, artists, complex, unpredictable, impulsive, fixated on yourself and your career people. Very little time can be given to others. How can a pet. It requires care to him, and walked and fed on time!” – shared the actress with the “Source”.