Рэпер T-killah устроил фейрверк из денег в центре Москвы
Rapper T-killah at the Moscow really surprised passers-by with his antics.

More recently, T-killah held a solo concert in Izvestiya Hall on stage with him was made by his wife, Maria Belova and singer MIA Boyka, and now he made a very different statement..

T-killah danced to the singing of a street musician in the heart of the capital. While he was in the hands of “gun” was loaded with banknotes from which he relentlessly fired in different directions
The singer made a real firework of money, and the girlfriend of a street musician barely had time to collect the flying bills. By the end of the performance, the guitar case was overflowing with a generous fee, and the witnesses of this performance could not believe what was happening.

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