Ева Мендес упала в обморок от фотографии мужа

Ева Мендес упала в обморок от фотографии мужа

Eva Mendes — she’s just like us! The actress from the movie “How to catch a monster” appeared on the talk show Kelly Clarkson on 17 October and could not to faint due to the pictures of her boyfriend Ryan Gosling.
When you are in a relationship with one of the most fanatical actors of all times and peoples constantly difficult not to faint in front of him. And that’s what made Eva Mendes, 45 years old, during the filming of the episode of the talk show Kelly Clarkson, October 17. In between discussion
trying to find time in their busy schedules to visit with children and plans for family of eve on Halloween, host of the show showed eve the picture which depicts Eva and Ryan at the premiere of “the place beyond the pines”. And eve in the literal sense of the word, fainted.

Pre-speaking how perfect her husband is and how she can not love him. Leading Kelly Clarcona tried to act professionally and in the beginning gave no sign as to what happened.

Ева Мендес упала в обморок от фотографии мужаEva and Ryan together since 2011, these 8 years they’re just Dating and not in a hurry to tie the knot. They are very rarely seen together, and even shots where the couple was captured together still less. But despite this the couple have two daughters, Esmeralda, 5 years, and Amada, 3 years.
Information about the girls to them a secret theme, for the most part their lives are hidden from the public eye.

In early may of this year, Eva has admitted in an episode of the show “the Talk” that she and Ryan are having problems with training their little girls to the Spanish language — though for a delightful reason. “It’s harder than I thought because I speak Spanish, and that’s what they
understand,” she confessed. “It’s great, but technically speaking, it is not the knowledge of the language. So my little girl will talk like this: “Mami, my sides hurt because I think something is stuck in my gradient”. We have become increasingly
thinking to hire a special teacher to pull up the grammar of the Spanish girls!”

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