Рэпер Джоззи готовится снимать клип на песню «Твои глаза»
Some time in Moscow talking about the Armenian musician with a strange name Josie.

Рэпер Джоззи готовится снимать клип на песню «Твои глаза»

Josie is not hidden from the press and in a recent conversation with journalists told about yourselves.

1. Josie, why is it rap? When it all started?
-It all started in school in grade 9. We listened to rap in grade 9, my friend and I decided to try to write a song. We did it, we wrote the first track began to play, and success at school. We wanted to move on, began to look for where we can still show their creativity and came across a rap festival in 20017 year participated in the festival. Everything was spontaneous, no special ideas were not, it so happened that my whole life is a rap.

2. Who came up with the alias, and what he means to you?
-Nickname previously consisted of two words and called me johnny younger, because my grandfather’s name is dzhonik and I in honor of his grandfather so invented. Then we cut to Jonica, then Joni, and finally did upgrade and it turned out Josie, but the roots on behalf of my grandfather.

3. Tell me about your parents and about your family?
-I come from an ordinary working class family. Father teacher of Armenian language and literature school. Mom is a kindergarten teacher. But because of the crisis in the country, we went to Russia.

4. Do your parents have you in your desire to create and be known?
-Parents probably don’t quite believe and understand art as a reliable means for life and thought it was not serious. Rather, they want to see me in a stable income, therefore, sent me studies in University, where I studied but did not finish. But now I can say that they believe that I will achieve my goal, but do not support what I do rap music. But they support me in my desire to achieve my goals.

Рэпер Джоззи готовится снимать клип на песню «Твои глаза»

5. What is important to you in life, career or family?
– Now it is more important to me than career.

6. I met you in Moscow?
Moscow greeted me normally. I quickly got used 2-3 months. I don’t find difficult to adapt. All that is in me and in Moscow happens to me closely, this rhythm, these difficulties. When difficulties began with the shelter work with food, I didn’t have friends in Moscow, had to overcome all. It is a city with character, but I’m close.

7. You are not afraid of competition with so many new rap artists?
-No. It is not the quantity, it’s quality, so I am not afraid.

8. Your failures in business, did not discourage the desire to build a career in the capital?
-Failures in business, did not hit, because it is one of the tools to achieve their goal. And when I was doing business in Kemerovo, in Moscow, I was making money to reach its goal. Business was falling apart and I was worried it was some experience. I have no regrets about any of the businesses that went to the bottom.

9. Your Hobbies or how you like to relax?
My hobby is driving car. I love to drive fast in a nice car, I relax and rest. Night, car, music, girl.

Рэпер Джоззи готовится снимать клип на песню «Твои глаза»

10. What kind of music do you listen to?
-Listen to the news. Bits, the arrangement of the song without words. Listen to the news. Latest album of Eminem, Dj Khaled, Frenchmontana, meek mill.

11. What may upset you or to please?
-Upset-betrayal, and of the annual result and the state of my Bank account.

12. What is the place of sports in your life?
-Love sports, he is in my life, I go regularly to the gym 3-4 times a week.

13. What are your next plans?
-The release of the video for the song “My eyes”, the release of the track “Martini” and the release of the track “Old boy”.

14. Tell us about debut video and song?
-The song “Your eyes” is very personal, based on real life and so in the video I want to show the emotions and the whole tragedy through dance. I hope that everyone like it.

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