The Timothy’s mom came to the defense of the girls your son

Мама Тимати встала на защиту девушек своего сына
The famous rapper and businessman Timothy is growing up a four year old daughter Alice, upbringing which mostly deals with his mother Simona Yunusova.

Мама Тимати встала на защиту девушек своего сына

The woman often shares photos or videos featuring beloved granddaughter. The other day she showed how Alice deals with English, then netizens lashed out with criticism upon the girl’s mother, Alena Shishkov, and the current beloved Timothy Anastasia Reshetova.

Мама Тимати встала на защиту девушек своего сына

“Why are people so worried about who is sleeping with whom, who made the chest, or the nose?! It’s strangers! It is important what kind of heart beats in this chest and that he prefers to breathe new nose, the smell… mA, or flowers….

And Alena and Nastya, girls worthy of respect. They are very different, but certainly not for us to decide their fate… Alice still lives with Mom, but Dad is always there,” protested Simon.

It is worth noting that the rapper broke up with the mother of his daughter almost immediately after she was born and for several years Dating by Anastasia Reshetova.

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