Rapper Basta to leave new York

Рэпера Басту не выпускают из Нью-Йорка The singer has recorded a video message to the fans. Because of the raging snow storm rapper Basta could not fly to Boston and was forced to postpone his speech. The singer promised fans that he would come to them even dog sledding.

      Rapper Vasily Vakulenko, known by his stage name Basta, has become a hostage of strong snowstorms with snowfall, raging these days in the largest city of the USA new York. Bad weather ruined all the plans of the artist, performing in the first year, tour of America. Busta explained why his wife accepts his “mistresses”

      Due to the snow storm indefinitely closed the airports in new York, and a former mentor of “the Voice” waiting for departure a few hours, was forced to return to the hotel and to postpone the concert in Boston already on the eleventh of January. About his misadventures Basta said in a video message to fans, promising them whatever was on the appointed day and hour to get to the site, where there will be his presentation. In the video you can see as snow falls asleep the city without giving him the slightest respite.

      “Dear friends in Chicago, I’m talking to you. All flights from new York was canceled, and now we go to the hotel. Will wait for any options. The concert was moved to the number 11. We hope for your understanding. All waiting for you! Will get to you in any case, even skiing, even on foot, even dog sledding. Hug you! Thanks”, – the statement says Vasily Vakulenko to those who wait for his concert in Chicago.

      “Bob, we can for you to drive the car! We’re all waiting!”, “Oh, very sorry! We were waiting for you, I came to Chicago for the weekend for your songs!”, “It is sad. Oh wait then the eleventh of January,” could not hide his disappointment from the transfer of the concert of rapper Busta fans looking forward to the hits in his performance.

      By the way, waiting for a flight at the airport in new York and hoping to meet with fans on the appointed day, the band wasted no time lost. They engaged in fitness. Video recording of an improvised workout that’s posted in the blog poveselil its subscribers.

      It should be noted that touring artists often become hostages of bad weather, especially in the cold season. So, a little over a month ago on a snowy highway in the Voronezh region in a terrible accident the musicians of Plasma novel Chernitsyn and Maxim Sheets. The singers miraculously survived, but the car on which they moved, can not be restored.