Agata muceniece: “I know nothing of a civil marriage”

Агата Муцениеце: «Я ничего не знаю о гражданском браке» The star of the new series “Civil marriage” shared the secrets of harmonious relationships. Fans of Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo in awe of the famous couple and wish them many happy years of family life. “StarHit” has learned the actress on how to keep a man and make beloved to go to the registry office.

      January 9 on TNT will start showing the new Comedy series “Civil marriage” – from the authors of “Teacher” and “Real boys”. The main role in it played by the star of “public school” Agatha muceniece and actor and video blogger Denis Kukoja known to Internet users as part of a group “Bread”. The plot their characters are in love and living together, but not in a hurry to legalize their relationship. “StarHit” asked Agatha muceniece, wife of Paul Priluchnogo, about a new TV project, and how to keep a man dreams of.

      The more similar your character nick on you and what’s different?

      Nika is the same cheerful, energetic, with sense of humor. However, my character is a little spoiled, and this is not about me. She grew up in greenhouse conditions, and my childhood was no luxury. Family Nicknames quite wealthy, they raise her as a Princess. Even Nike is different in that I in some situations, better not say anything, but my character will not do this ever — it is constantly saying. Sometimes this leads nick in a very idiotic situation, she might accidentally hurt your friends. And then to understand it, to try to fix it, but to make things worse.

      And do you feel their relationship with Nike in relations with the opposite sex?

      I think that I am wiser than nick. It is, for example, tend to be blunt. And in relation to men, Nika has a great ego. In fact, she tries, but fails — her ego often wins. I think I this case act more intelligently: they can give and, if necessary, to remain silent.

      You can draw a parallel between your life with Paul and what is happening at Nikki and her boyfriend?

      We are absolutely different in this sense, the relationship. Pasha got married a month later after they started to live together. I don’t think the seriousness or lack of seriousness girls is characterized by a civil marriage or official — it’s just a stamp in the passport. No matter what are the relations between a man and a woman, it all depends on two people how they behave. Are they married or not — is irrelevant.

      Why, in your opinion, so many couples are not in a hurry to put a stamp in the passport?

      It seems to me that marriage is delayed to a later period — approximately 30 years old. Because there are so many interesting things that people just don’t want to spend time on it, preferring to surrender their Hobbies or career. Someone is going to travel around Europe by car, others prefer to have fun with friends, and others doing business on the Internet, the fourth developing their own startups. All these things are available now than in Soviet times. Then had one goal — to get married and have kids.

      However, you and Paul are married…

      I don’t have a stamp because I have a Latvian passport, but Pasha it is. We had a pretty small ceremony, quiet, a secret from everyone, knew about it only friends. Then we thought, “Well, if that, get a divorce!” Despite this, it has been five years of living in marriage.

      In your opinion, civil marriage is a step on the way to the registry office?

      It is different and depends on the people. Sometimes, staying together and all fit together, but it happens the opposite, for example, he throws the socks, but she couldn’t come to terms with it. I think it is more interesting to know that in marriage, then it is harder to go somewhere and have to put up with the situation.

      Your character nick wants to get married?

      My character wants from her boyfriend some of the seriousness and understanding that they are together somewhere aspire. Because the characters do not just the guy with the girl who, for 15 years and they hang out together. But for marriage she is not ready yet.

      Advice from Agatha muceniece about how to get married

    • No wonder there is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We must strongly teach your mate to ensure that he only loved your kitchen and no other! That he has not traded it on a restaurant or food prepared by other women.
    • We need to emphasize that you don’t want to get married. Then the man will think that it’s very strange, because usually all girls want to become wives. In this case, he will call you down the aisle.
    • Often silent, so the man decided, “What’s my smart girl, I must marry her!”
    • You should think about how to elegantly dressed at home and not go in pajamas. Future husband definitely recognizes it and think, “wow, I have a woman, even the houses are beautiful walks”.
    • You can do massage to her boyfriend that he was happy to come to you and know that can totally relax.
    • “And after you will achieve your goals and legalize a relationship with a man, you can abruptly stop to do all this with the words: “got you!” says, laughing, Agatha.