Изнасилованная Пьером Нарциссом радиоведущая прошла проверку на детекторе лжи The scandal took a new turn. Experts have proven that the artist really engage in rough sexual relationship with Marianne Suvorova. Many of the answers women have been truthful. It is not yet submitted to the court.
Изнасилованная Пьером Нарциссом радиоведущая прошла проверку на детекторе лжи

Radio host Marianne Suvorov came to the live shows “really” and said that Pierre Narcisse raped her. She revealed the details of the scandal. The woman met with the artist while working on one of the programs. Suvorov claims that the singer called her to meet. At that moment Valeria Kalacheva, wife of Pierre, was already divorced, but they lived in the same apartment, and in relations was not yet come to an end. According to the woman, Narcissus then cheated on his wife and is constantly drunk.

Pierre Narcisse was accused of alcoholism and brutal violence

Marianne and Narcissus suddenly met on that fateful night. Previously, they with Pierre already spent time together and engage in sexual intimacy.

“I was my mom’s in bad shape, pants fleece, boots. He began to write and call: “let’s meet”. I agreed. Arrived at the hotel. He rented a room and was already sitting there and drinking. He also offered me to drink,” added Marianne.

After a few hours of talking Narcissus started to grab her by the hair and a little choke.

Expert of TV show Roman Ustyuzhanin checked the woman on the lie detector. Most of her answers were correct. Pierre was acting aggressive towards Marianne. She fainted, and the man beat her. He then brought the girl to an apartment to her sister.

Later, the relative Suvorova said that after the incident she was constantly crying and was in a semiconscious state. According to the sister, the singer and offered to join her in her sex, but she gave a clear disclaimer…

The ex-wife of the actor also questioned about whether Narcissus rude to her for several years of their family life. Valeria claims that the state of intoxication he was sometimes aggressive.

“When we were fighting, he hit me, and the daughter defended. One day it so happened that at the level of the kulaks was her forehead. He commanded at such moments his daughter: “Stand in the corner”, – said Valery.

It turned out that Pierre Narcisse repeatedly raised a hand to the girl. Besides, the man often shouted at her daughter, thereby subjecting her to mental pressure.

At the end of transmission was present in the Studio lawyer explained that for rape committed by Pierre Nartsiss, he faces 5-6 years in prison. Marianne has since lost her job, and her daughter took on the education of ex-husband. She’s in no matter what was wanted to prove the guilt of the daffodil to return the girl.