Nonna Grishaeva disclaims explicit scenes for the sake of the son

Нонна Гришаева отказывается от откровенных сцен ради сына The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man”. Grishaeva said host Boris Korchevnikov why he refused to act in sex scenes. According to the movie stars candid shots can harm the reputation of her younger son. Nonna doesn’t want the boy was bullied at school.

Nonna Grishaeva honoured artist of Russia and artistic Director of the Moscow regional theatre of the young spectator. The actress began her career at age five starring in the movie “the Pictures on the wall”, and the first the main role was played ten. Little the actress spoke at the Odessa theater of operetta.

Grishaeva became widely known after the release of the Comedy film “election Day”, “Day of radio”, “election Day 2”, “what men talk About”… She was twice married. The first husband of Nonna became an actor and musician Anton Wood. In this Union have Grishaeva daughter, Anastasia, but the couple broke up after seven years of marriage. “I would never have divorced if he saw that Nastia would survive the divorce. But my daughter was not a “special” dad’s, so she quietly endured the separation of their parents. But she was a good grandfather, my stepfather, who raised her,” admitted the actress in the “Destiny of man”.

With her second husband, producer Alexander Nesterov, the actress met just because of the baby.

“I came with her to the children’s play where Sasha played the role of bear. And that’s where we met, then began to just chat. Sasha was my friend for quite a long time. He friendly invited me to Thailand, he never cared for me,” said sci.

Nona added that after her divorce from first husband she didn’t want a serious relationship. “I went with Sasha, because I was absolutely sure everything will be fine,” said the artist. However, it is to the friendship between Alexander and Nona had developed feelings. Despite the fact that the Nesterov Grishaeva under the age of 12 years. “I love singing talented people, and women especially. During my formative hormonal of course, I couldn’t resist Nona”, – smiles Alexander.

Soon the lovers were married. Nonna wanted to get married in Prague. “Not in Russia! Knew that I would have a tantrum when you hear: “dearly beloved!..” So we decided to escape to Prague. To me, he is told that his sister was getting married there,” shared the actress.

Nona also said in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” that is not removed in the sex scenes – because of the son. A similar role confuse her, although the husband is not jealous star wife to the peers.

“I’m not. Always refuse, because my son is growing and I can’t imagine it. He comes, and at school he will say: “Look, I saw your mother,” said the actress.