RAMMUS представила плетеную мебель с увеличенным сроком службы

RAMMUS, the Russian manufacturer of furniture made of artificial rattan, has introduced a new material — ecorating. It can withstand high temperature fluctuations and the average life of the material is 30 years.

RAMMUS представила плетеную мебель с увеличенным сроком службы

A popular material for wicker furniture

The main advantages of rammus-fiber: it does not react to temperature variations from -50 to +80 °C, fire resistant, has antibacterial properties, is resistant to high humidity and to the action of ultraviolet light. Its strength is 1.5 times higher analogues.

Rammus-the fiber is produced on modern equipment from raw materials. Environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material does not emit toxins when heated. In boxes it is possible to store food.

Lightweight, practical furniture made of artificial rattan factory serial RAMMUS and exclusive production perfectly proved in open areas, saunas and steam baths. It fits well in the interiors of homes and restaurants, helping to create an atmosphere inviting to relax.

The story of the creation ecosalon

Furniture factory RAMMUS is perhaps the largest in the Russian market the manufacturer of furniture made of artificial rattan. The production facilities are located in the town of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region. The company was founded in 1999. Then German ecorating first came to Russia and created a furor. But over time, weaknesses were exposed: changes in temperature, typical of temperate climate, led to the fact that the structure of the harness was broken, the weave was loose, the lifetime of the furniture decreased.

The company undertook the development of improved artificial fiber. In 2013, the group of engineers presented the first results. Several more years were needed to ensure the competitiveness of the new product and to establish industrial production. Modern rammus fiber withstood the test, during which it became clear that it is suitable for temperate, sub-tropical and even sub-Arctic climate of the Russian Federation.

This development allowed the factory to completely abandon the European ecorating, to guarantee customers high quality and durability of the furniture, regardless of weather conditions and climate in which it operated.

International recognition of Russian factory quality RAMMUS

Factory RAMMUS is one of the few Russian companies, which have the quality management certificate ISO 9001-2011, and in working with artificial rattan — only. This testifies to the strict quality control at all production stages and in work with clients.

In addition to innovative material and product quality, a competitive advantage of a furniture factory RAMMUS are lightweight aluminum frame and stylish design. Each piece of furniture is created taking into account fashionable tendencies and laws of ergonomics. The designers working on the sets of serial furniture and exclusive projects. On the website of the company assembled a remarkable collection of wicker furniture for every taste.

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