Quentin Tarantino first married at 55!

Квентин Тарантино впервые женился в 55!

Long-lasting friendships bound by Quentin Tarantino and actress Uma Thurman, who had ended the affair and breakup. The Director called the actress his Muse! But, Tarantino has chosen his bride-the Israeli model Daniela Rush, which is his Junior by 20 years. Wedding couple played in Los Angeles. Congratulations!

The wedding ceremony was modest and private. After the official part of the wedding the couple together with guests went to one of the restaurants in Beverly hills. According to rumors, the evening of Tarantino will arrange a larger party that likely comes famous friends of the Director.

The pair met in 2009 in Israel, which hosted the premiere of the film “inglorious bastards.” In two weeks they debuted on the red carpet as a couple, and after a few months suddenly broke up. None of their surroundings and could not think that the second time they will enter into the same river, but it happened. In 2016 they again began to notice together. Last summer, the Director has made a proposal to his girlfriend.

Previously, Tarantino did not think about marriage, because all their time and effort spent on movies, which were called “children.” “Understand, I gave up too much in life to make a movie. I have no wife, no children. I went to these victims, with a clear aim. And I’m happy.”

“He’s going to marry in a few years and then have children. And she wants to have a baby right now and wants to wait for the promised three years,” said informed insider.

By the way, Daniela and I broke up with Quentin because of the fact that relations with the Director to anything do not lead. In the near future, Danielle plans to become a mother and doesn’t want to delay the birth of a child. And Quentin were not able to agree with her. He admitted that he wants to have children, but after a few years. It seems that the time has come!

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