Хейли Болдуин получила тортом в лицо от Бибера

22 Nov Hailey Baldwin turned 22! To celebrate I decided the closest. Of course, the party was attended by beloved model Justin Bieber, who originally congratulated “wife”.

The age-old tradition turned into a real surprise. Bieber came out with a birthday cake, which was inserted 22 candles. All sang Happy Birthday and the birthday girl blew out the candles. Tenderly kissing his beloved, Bieber gave a congratulatory speech. But then suddenly the beloved models loaded her pie in the face! Haley is not confused and burst into laughter. Happy birthday!

Recall that the rumors about the marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin go since September. The happy event was confirmed even father’s brother Haley, but the stars kept the mouths shut. But after some time, Bieber decided to kind of confirm the fact of marriage. It came out very nice, but still leaves a lot of questions and doubts.

It all started with Haley’s decision to create their own brand in which the name of Bieber. Then the model changed nick to Instagram with Hailey Baldwin (haileybaldwin) on Hayley Bieber (haileybieber). Maybe the stars didn’t believe and Bieber decided to put a fat point in question! He exhibited pictures from his lover and left a sign the confirmation of marriage: “My wife is awesome”.

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