«Королева игрушек» Алиса Лобанова стала феей в клипе Тимати
As it turned out, the clip Timati for TOY.RU starred two Alice – Alice Yunusov and Alisa Lobanova.

«Королева игрушек» Алиса Лобанова стала феей в клипе Тимати

In mid-September in instagram Timati premiered the new music video from Hoodyakov Production and Zaur Zaseev filmed for the Federal network of shops of children’s toys of THAT.RU. The main characters live steel Timothy, Alice Yunusov and Alisa Lobanova. We can say that all played themselves. Timothy and little Alice – happy father and daughter, and Alisa Lobanova, founder TOY.RU, whom everyone called Queen of the Toys, played the fairy godmother.
Video has been called the most beautiful and lovely is: “the best advertising I’ve ever seen”, “Advertising turned out cool! A magician!” “My son sings this song!”, commented video users of the social network.

«Королева игрушек» Алиса Лобанова стала феей в клипе Тимати

New video is a beautiful story about a child’s faith in miracles. In the story dad and young daughter are traveling in a carriage through the magical land TOY.RU inhabited by fantastic characters, and meet a beautiful fairy, who gives the baby toys. The shooting took place in the Kuskovo. In the video created a colorful atmosphere of your favorite fairy tales. Location decorated with balloons, flowers and garlands, filled with fantastic characters – the troubadours, flamingos, bears, gingerbread men, magicians. And Timothy was rapping about how she chooses toys for his daughter.
“With the advent of a daughter, I became an expert in the field: simple shortcut, doesn’t, of Climov, Unicorns, Ponies…. and many other objects the existence of which I think that is not intended to be, if not for this magical website with home delivery,” wrote the singer in instagram.

“For me, Timothy and Alice – a vivid example of those with a perfect relationship between a daughter and father. For us girls, dad is very important! Every father needs to know his role in the upbringing of children – priceless! Love children with all my heart in every way and let them to understand it!”, – shared Alisa Lobanova.

«Королева игрушек» Алиса Лобанова стала феей в клипе Тимати

“The world of toys is like a fairy tale! As the Queen of Toys, I can assure all the little princesses and princes that unicorns, dragons, wizards, fairies and everything you dream can come true! Just believe in miracles!”, – wrote under the video of Alisa Lobanova.

Note that this is not the first time cooperation TOY.RU and famous rapper. Previously, Timothy, participating in the charity project “Share your Goodness”, visited children’s hospital and center for special children and gave the kids gifts. And it is certain that in the future the cooperation will continue in new formats. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the publication in instagram Timati mothers and grandmothers of the little Alice – Simone. She has also published a new video and wrote: “It was a very interesting experience! To be continued…”

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