Сергей Соседов в социальной сети закрыл рот Примадонне

Сергей Соседов в социальной сети закрыл рот Примадонне

Recently, Alla Pugacheva noted in social network Instagram on the personal page of Dima Bilan. Diva chastised a young artist for numerous apology to fans, saying that he such behavior degrades.

The scandal with Dima Bilan has occurred in the Volga region, when he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage appeared at the concert. His fans knew immediately what the problem is and shamed singer. Dima Bilan realized his fault, and to somehow apologize to the fans, he repeated the concert in Samara, only this time absolutely free. On the “charity” event, the singer publicly apologized to all, and the video speech was posted on the page in Instagram.

Alla Borisovna has responded negatively to this post and turned to Dima, writing an angry comment. The singer agreed with the Diva, but music critic Sergei Sosedov did not like the behavior of actors. He was sure that Dmitry had been right, and Alla sets a bad example to the younger generation. And as he wrote: “Alla Borisovna has to keep his mouth shut”. The neighbors sure that the Russian public deserves to artists before it showed at its best, thanks to the fans, celebrities have the opportunity to live and in what does not deny.

10 years ago, music critic idolized prima Donna and thought she is perfect in every way. However, at one point, something went wrong and his opinion completely changed. Neighbors never commented on what Alla has done wrong in front of him. But since then, the Diva is the main subject of criticism of Sergei.


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