Queen, Hakamada Vodianova teach communication with children with special needs

Королева, Хакамада и Водянова учат общению с «особенными» детьми Celebrities shared their own experience. Natasha Koroleva and Irina Khakamada said that you need to know parents whose kids are special needs. Women think these guys deserve a reverent attitude.
Королева, Хакамада и Водянова учат общению с «особенными» детьми

On 25 September, the TV channel TV-3 starts American TV series “Scorpion” – a large-scale, expensive and rating project, the work of the most experienced and highly paid Hollywood professionals, the creators of “Transformers”, “star trek”, “the New spider-man” and “the fast and the Furious”.

“Scorpion” tells about a group of geniuses with the highest IQ on Earth who use their extra skills to save lives. The team in charge of the agent of the Department of homeland security performed by Robert Patrick, known for the Terminator T-1000. One of the heroes of the series – a 12-year-old student Ralph, a child with special needs. A withdrawn and silent boy wise beyond his years, but that’s a long time not to notice no one, not even his mother. Everything changes when a teenager meets the same genius as he is.

Some celebrities for example, I can see in the extraordinary abilities of “special” children.

“Autism is not a disease, children with this diagnosis live in their unique world, – says the singer Natasha Koroleva, which nephew was diagnosed. – This is the most extraordinary children. Maybe it’s people from another civilization, from a place understood only by him. We need to be near them, help them and do everything that they lived near us comfortable and happy”.

Daughter Irina Hakamada is living a full life. She has a young man. Mother supports the relationship of young people and glad that they were able to find each other. Irina Khakamada has approved the marriage of his daughter

“We need to raise their common children and to teach them the deep attention to each person, to learn not to despise the man’s features, but rather to understand that in every man there is God and something is not you. It’s hard, but kids get in schools where all learning is mixed, even children with normal development become better and kinder. We need to develop the thematic circles and societies, involving different children, both with special needs and without, so they can find friends and even a couple of. These can be visits to the theatre, painting school, dancing, and non-standard kids love to dance. Anything!” – calls Irina Khakamada, mom, daughter with down syndrome.

Model and public figure Natalia Vodianova also shared a personal story. Her sister is autistic, but because a celebrity tries to do everything to break the prejudices of some people.

“My sister has autism. Like its close man, I can say that people with autism are the same needs that the rest of us. Such people are very different, but all of them as regular people that are important close relationships, love, support, the ability to have friends, learn new things, to enjoy life, to feel important. And yet they are very important to our understanding and acceptance,” admitted Vodianova.

“Scorpion” became one of the most popular films in which States that people with disabilities is not simply equal members of our society, but constitute a significant part of it, and it is important to treat them with care and understanding.