Lazarev Makarevich and angered by the installation of a monument to Kalashnikov in the center of Moscow

Лазарев и Макаревич возмущены установкой памятника Калашникову в центре Москвы The artists could not remain aloof from important social events. Sergey Lazarev believes that the man with the machine gun has no place in the heart of the capital. In his opinion, the city could choose for the monument a more appropriate location.

On September 19 in the center of Moscow was opened a monument to the outstanding designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. However, this event caused much controversy. The fact that the monument is in the shape of the world-famous maker machine with arms. Celebrities could not resist to comment and expressed their opinions about such structures. Between representatives of domestic show-business dispute broke out about whether to erect similar monuments in the capital.

One of the first who expressed their thoughts, was Sergey Lazarev. About a year ago it became known that the actor has a year-old son Nikita, but because he is looking at the monument from the perspective of a parent. Moreover, the artist was dissatisfied with the aesthetic component of the sculptures, and believes that statues have chosen the wrong place in the city.

“I can not remain silent. It’s disgusting to put in the center of the capital of such a monument. A man with a gun in his hand! All the government cares about the psychological state of the children, constantly introducing new bans, and immediately put a monument to Kalashnikov with the gun in the center! What we teach children? To fight? To do this picture the norm!? Not enough emotion to Express my outrage. Yes, I understand that we are proud of this invention as a Kalashnikov, and nobody is against to erect a monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, but not in the center of Moscow, but still be ugly!” – the singer wrote in a microblog, but closed the comments to your post.

This statement of the triumph of “Eurovision” has not left indifferent the famous producer Joseph Prigogine. He believes that Mikhail Kalashnikov is a worthy inventor who deserves such commemoration.

However, the design also did not like the well-known musician Andrei Makarevich. He believes that the sculptor could work much better.

“But why such a talentless, ugly sculpture? Even in Soviet times, this idol would not pass the Council. Well we are so disfiguring your city, shame before the whole world?” – written by the artist.

About a year ago on Borovitskaya square in Moscow opened a monument to Prince Vladimir the Great. Then the monument also caused an uproar. The original idea of the statue was to be erected on the Sparrow hills, but the public was outraged that a huge structure will spoil the usual panorama.