Королева Елизавета II впервые объявила о запланированных публичных мероприятиях на 2020 год


The Royal family canceled its annual tradition of tea drinking in the local women’s Institute near her estate in Sandringham for colds Queen Elizabeth II last week.
But this week she returns to work.
93-year-old monarch is going to finish her winter stay at Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Next week it will hold its first official meeting of the new year in kings Lynn, before returning to London.
The Queen will visit the BBC Markham in king’s Lynn, on Monday, February 3, as honorary air Commodore of the station. It will also be released on Wednesday and will open a new pumping station Wolferton, which protects the area from flooding.
She also was supposed to go last week to host an annual tea party at the local women’s Institute near her estate in Sandringham. However, a slight cold caused her in the last hours of a scheduled visit to withdraw.
Queen Elizabeth traditionally stays in Sandringham until February 6, when her father, king George VI, died in 1952, and she became the new monarch.
Although this year the Queen has not done any formal public speaking (in this case she is making weekly visits to Church), she had a busy start to the year due to family drama. Leaving the estates in the area of Sandringham this year was interrupted by the shocking statement of the grandson of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about what they are going to lay down duties and to withdraw from its authority as senior members of the Royal family. The Queen has summoned Prince Harry with his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William at an emergency meeting in Sandringham to discuss this issue.

Most recently, her son Prince Andrew has hit the headlines, as Federal prosecutors say 59-year-old Royal has provided “zero cooperation” in ongoing investigation against convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew officially withdrew from Royal duties amid deafening his interview for BBC, in which he confessed about his links with Epstein in November. In a statement announcing the news about the breakup of a bomb, father of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie said: “of Course, I stand ready to assist any relevant law enforcement Agency in their investigations if required.”

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