Брэд Питт проигнорировал Рене Зеллвегер во время интервью

Brad pitt walked by, than attracted to Renee Zellweger in the picture during the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” on January 27, and we wondered whether they were trying to avoid each other!
56-year-old brad pitt was captured by a person in motion in a photograph taken during the awards ceremony, “Oscar” nominees January 27! His 50-year-old candidate for the award “Oscar” Renee Zellweger also appeared in photos taken at the hotel Loews in Hollywood, but brad didn’t stop to chat with her. He walked resolutely straight, not even throwing a glance in the direction of Renee (at least in the photo it looks that way).

Брэд Питт проигнорировал Рене Зеллвегер во время интервью
It was unclear whether brad has the intention to avoid Renee, but none of the above resembles the picture of friendly relations. Brad is a mysterious person, just as his character cliff Booth in the film “Once in Hollywood”, which brought him a nomination for an Oscar for “Best male role of the second plan”. Renee, meanwhile, claims the title of “Best actress” for her role of a superstar singer Judy garland in a romantic movie 2019 “Judy”. Given their prestigious nomination for the award from these two talented people obviously have a common topic of conversation — it’s also possible that the actors are talking, but the moment was not recorded on camera.
Renee, however, was photographed at the time of the interview with the actress, who is rumored to have met with brad in the beginning of 2019: Charlize Theron, 44 years! Charlize with which Rene is fighting for the title “Best actress” at the Oscars 2020 on 9 February, has denied the romance rumors, saying recently that she was “alone for 10 years” live “Look what happened!” with Andy Cohen in may 2019. She even said that the rumors that she has a strained relationship with his ex-wife of brad, Angelina Jolie, 44, was “100 percent not true.”
Brad has always attracted attention to such events! Of course, we are referring to his legendary meeting with ex-wife Jennifer aniston, 50 years old, backstage at the SAG Awards on January 19.

“Brad was there behind the scenes and finished their photo shoot, and the corner of my eye I saw Jennifer, who was standing with her back to him. He repeatedly urged her to come and kept saying, “aniston, aniston”, — said the source, explaining the time behind the scenes. “He finally caught her attention, they quickly hugged each other and exchanged jokes. A picture that shows his hand holding out to her when he gently pulled her back to congratulate. The whole time, which lasted half a minute or a minute, was instigated by brad, he was a man who wanted that to happen. They both left with a smile. It was a really nice moment.

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