Мадонна посвятила пост в Instagram своему другу Жану-Полю Готье

Мадонна посвятила пост в Instagram своему другу Жану-Полю Готье

Recently, one of the most talented designers Jean-Paul Gauthier announced that it would stop its activities. A few days after the fashion designer unveiled its latest collection, he was approached by Madonna with warm words on the page in Instagram.

2019 at Paris fashion week Jean-Paul celebrated the anniversary of his career exactly 50 years of activity in the world of beauty. Many feel that Gautier managed to create some of its time in the fashion industry. And of course the most ardent fan of the designer, became Madonna. Also pop diva was for men of this Muse.

The celebrity quite often appear on their awesome show in designer outfits from Jean-Paul. The man worked day and night specifically for their favorite artist to her image remained unforgettable. For the time they spent together designing another exquisite dress, they managed not only to work together, but really to make friends.

That’s why Madonna was unable to remain silent when she learned that her friend and colleague made such a loud statement, after an amazing fashion show in Paris. On his page on Instagram, Madonna wrote touching words appeal to Jean-Paul, and accompanied the text no less touching joint photos.

Madonna turned to fashion designer and has stated that any operation with which he will face in the future will be brilliant. She thanked the man for many years of joint work and interesting journey through the world of fashion throughout his career. She is sure that this designer is not really more to find, such as Gauthier will never be. The singer also said that the man has enormous talent, kind heart and great sense of humor.

If you open the pictures of the Madonna and different Red carpet and its a great show, almost all the clothes the singer — the work of Jean-Paul. Therefore, anyone can enjoy the brilliant taste of the great designer.

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