Эштон Кутчер решил вспомнить детскую игру и поиграть в прятки на «Очень позднем шоу»

It is a spectacle that many fans never would have believed the witness: Ashton Kutcher raises several members boyband “BTS” during a wild game of hide and seek. Ashton even scared of one participant so that the video posted this on Twitter, views which have gained a considerable amount!
41 – year-old James Corden may have just removed the wildest episode of “late show” in history. Host of a talk show, Ashton Kutcher, 41 years old, and all seven members of the “BTS” were gathered together at the end of episode 28 of January to play hide and seek. James and Ashton were in search of, and the participants boyband was hiding. Apparently, the game is a tradition behind the scenes on the set of James.
Whoever found the four members of the “BTS” first, he would have won, but the test was harder than it looks – the participants of the Korean group found several secret places to hide. 26 – year-old of Cjh and 22 – year-old Jonguk mastered the art of camouflage, pretending to be pseudodipteros and the operator, much to the delight of fans. But in reality, Twitter began in the moment when Ashton came across j-hope, 24, and Cimini, 27.

Ashton raised Cimina legs literally once pulled him from under the Desk James, and carried him to his assigned chair. Meanwhile, Ashton threw Kim Sarcina over the shoulder, after the singer was afraid for his life, in the photo booth. He was in the process of shooting a selfie, but at least he’s managed to grab the printed photo before Ashton pulled him onto the main stage. Despite the efforts of Ashton, he still lost to James.
The audience is still filled with laughter and shock after the show on Tuesday evening. “I can’t believe that Ashton Kutcher was carrying Coccina as a firefighter,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Other fans were struck by the fact that “BTS” is not only superstars, but also, apparently, from a skilled camoufleur. J-hope’s rendition of operator, Yeongi and Tae pretended to be part of the production team, Qiming used all available forces to be staffed under the table, and Sacchin hid behind the curtain.

Episode of “late show” with James Korden from 28 Jan was a real feast for the army fans “BTS”. In addition to playing hide and seek, BTS held their first televised performance of “Black Swan” — barefoot! and the group even talked about the upcoming album Map of the Soul:7. “The number seven. It’s been seven years since our debut. So the seven is for us — it is indeed a special number,” explained James during the interview!

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