Лана Дель Рей пришла на премию “Грэмми” в платье из торгового центра

Лана Дель Рей пришла на премию “Грэмми” в платье из торгового центра

As a rule, to look impressive on the red carpet, celebrities choose their outfits for a few months. Some even sew a suit or a dress on order at the world-famous designers. Accordingly, the cost of these outfits is stunning. But Lana Del Rey does not think too much about this question, my dress for the Grammys she bought at the last moment in the nearby shopping centre.

Lana Del Rey famous singer believes that it is not necessary to appear on the red carpet in a super expensive dress from couturier. In an interview with reporters on the red carpet of “Grammy”, the singer said that the dress which is currently on it, she bought at the Mall near her house. The dress is silver color, fully embroidered with beads, cost of a celebrity is almost $ 600.

Lana admitted that he had originally planned to wear a different dress, but it was not the right belt. Then she and her boyfriend decided to walk to the nearby shopping Mall to pick the right accessory. Going to the store, she caught the eye of this dress, which stuck out and she decided to buy it. Unfortunately, the dress was slightly big on the singer, but the tailors who work in the same Mall, on the site it took a village and it like a glove. Therefore, we can say that red carpet gown celebrity bought at the last minute.

By the way, that night, Lana has pleased his fans of not only this dress. On the red carpet she first appeared with her lover Sean Larkin. Ray officially introduced him as his boyfriend.

That evening the couple hid their tender feelings to each other. They are constantly hugging and kissing that could not fail to delight fans. Lana and Sean are in a relationship for a long time, but never commented on personal life. The guy works as a COP and also not long ago he took part in the filming of a reality TV show about U.S. law enforcement.

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