Через неделю после расставания с Джамилем Хассаном Рианна завела новые отношения

Через неделю после расставания с Джамилем Хассаном Рианна завела новые отношения

Last week the world learned that the 31-year-old singer Rihanna broke relations with Saudi billionaire Jamil Hassan. The official reason for the breakup of a celebrity called too different personalities, and relatives Jamil has always been against his relationship. Not long Rihanna suffered and endured, to find solace she was able to rap by A$AP Rocky.

The insider claims that this relationship is real and A$AP Rocky is really her new boyfriend, of course is yet to report on this she is not going to. There are only a few days, but already managed to visit with a big concert in new York. By the way, the stars stayed the night in a hotel in the same room.

Yet the artists did not comment on the relationship. Therefore, the information remains unconfirmed. According to the insider Rihanna do not yet think about the seriousness and duration of these relationships, because it all happened too fast after breaking up with Hassan. However, since this is only the beginning, the young people just enjoying each other easily and naturally spend time.

Rumors about the relationship of these young people go to network, not for the first time. For the first time talking about them as a couple in 2013, when the celebrities were spotted at the restaurant on a romantic date. In December of last year they together visited one of the award ceremonies in Los Angeles.

With Jamil the singer had been Dating for more than three years. The pair parted not on the best of terms. Hassan even asked all the tabloids and former lover delete from social networks all the photos together. What is so offended Rihanna Jamil is unknown.

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