Блейк Лайвли впервые рассказала, как справляется сразу с тремя детьми

Блейк Лайвли впервые рассказала, как справляется сразу с тремя детьми

32-year-old Hollywood actress Blake lively at the moment trying to combine your maternity and PR campaign of the new film with her participation “the Rhythm section”. Five months ago the actress gave birth to her third child, and totally disappeared from social events. However, the last few weeks, she actively appears in front of the cameras street photographers. Blake not only demonstrates his vivid images, but also communicates with journalists. A couple of days ago she gave an interview on television show “Good morning America” in which I first spoke about education at once three children.

Blake lively and her husband 43-year-old actor Ryan Reynolds kept secret the birth of his third daughter. Only 2 months after her birth, they reported the good news to the public. But the name of a little girl still, no one knows, and actors want to keep it a secret as long as possible. On the show lively was asked how she decided on the third child? Blake replied that it was how to go from two thousand to three, and now she and her husband were in the minority. The actress admitted that everything is repeated, with three will not be so difficult, because there are already two and everything will go downhill. However, three kids is crazy, laughing, said celebrity.

Blake always said that growing up in a large family with many children, so this is how could it be otherwise. She wants lots of kids, so the three of them, the family is clearly not stop, especially since the couple still no son. Ryan always supports and helps her husband mentally and physically, although he admits that while children are young, they can be very difficult. In a recent interview he said that despite the difficulties of raising children, he still enjoys every moment and loves his life, wife and children.


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