Экстрасенс Кремля  пролила свет на свои отношения с Президентом страны
We are talking about the witch Alena Wormwood, which simultaneously scold, praise, love and hate. Her biography is shrouded in mystery, but Internet users allude to its relationship with Vladimir Putin, but it is not known.

Экстрасенс Кремля  пролила свет на свои отношения с Президентом страны

Not so long ago had a conversation with Alena, where she, it seemed, was very honest and told me about the secret of the popularity and connection with the head of state.

Alain, what do you think, than you so has excited Internet users.

True, and the truth always hurts the eyes. I say very frankly, and, of course, many open eyes.
The truth is dangerous, not all can say, who is behind You, and why You are afraid to be so Frank.
Behind me, before me and around me, the Force isn’t that clear.

We are talking about power structures? About the government?

We are talking about different structures and those people do not need to know.

However, everyone is talking about your affair with the President

Let it be said. People say a lot of things. I was not offended, for I never offended, and the President we have a very nice man and educated, and most importantly cunning. Isn’t that right?

So You confirm a close relationship with the President?

In General, what kind of President you are talking Russia or another country? I can’t speak about the close connection, because if it is, do not discuss it, and if not, then the more there is nothing to discuss.

You easily evaded. However, the company believes that you are the psychic of the Kremlin and rumor has it that you are the next President after Putin.

No, no, what You gift me? I’m not interested, I think global. And there life will show.

Экстрасенс Кремля  пролила свет на свои отношения с Президентом страны

How magic is tied to politics and Economics, where you have knowledge in all areas?

I’m a witch and know the matter, the universe. My interest can be compared with the interest of the Builder who is studying the blueprints of the house. I’m studying the scheme of the universe, and politics too. Witch is a Professor, if you wish, many simply do not know about this truism. Because, unfortunately, the circle of fraud. Magic has become a business.

You are the first witch, zagovorila on the legalization of witches. As a witch You’re talking about the official work of the witches?

Of course, only I can talk to about this, no one knows magic like me, no one knows what is necessary for all camps registration those engaged in witchcraft, as it is important to protect people from scams.

Are you talking about the new bill?

Yes, he definitely will be, I will make every effort, it is a matter of honor.

The conversation left more questions than answers, it was clear that the woman in front of us with knowledge and something sacred is incomprehensible to us about their relationship she didn’t mention it nor denied.

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