«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин превратился в гламурную блондинку Blogger from Pyatigorsk continues to shock the audience. This time Kirill Tereshin took part in a provocative photo shoot. The footage, which appeared on social networks of young people posing in an unexpected way.
«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин превратился в гламурную блондинку

Pyatigorsk blogger Kirill Tereshin never ceases to amaze the public. He recently tried on the wig and was surprised with the photo shoot, which appears in the image of the glamorous blonde. Over the appearance of a young man worked with a team of professional makeup artists to make him a bright make-up and sequins adorn the torso.

Posing for the camera, Cyril tried on a slinky leggings Golden brown. “The new transformation”, wrote the authors of the photo shoot on social networks.

«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин превратился в гламурную блондинку

Users of social networks is ambiguous attitude to the transformation Tereshina. Some condemned the behavior of Cyril, thinking that he thus again attracted attention. Other social media users found that the young man was joking, and with humor reacted to his unexpected photo shoot. At the same time there were those who compared the appearance Tereshina images of popular singers.

Haters Cyril once again rushed to criticize his appearance, not hesitating in expressions. However, Tereshina found defenders, who called to stop this kind of abusive discussion. “Everyone has their own cockroaches in the head”, “it’s his choice, let transforms himself as he wants,” wrote some of the Internet users.

Those who worked on the Transfiguration Cyril, too, stood at his side. According to them, the young man just tried the suggested image.

“He is a very good and adequate man, and that’s just the image. Thank you for your opinion,” wrote representatives of the project.

In the nearest plans Tereshina – work on increasing the shoulders, what he said to his followers. Cyril plans to cover the events of his life on his own YouTube channel. “I will begin the transformation of March 14. I will share the results every week,” – said the blogger.

“Mr. Synthol” also expressed the hope that his videos are not blocked by the representatives of the hosting as it did with Instagram. Due to the fact that Kirill did not have a formal account in the popular social network, he had a large number of fakes. At the end of February Tereshina managed to restore the justice of his complaint upheld by freezing a number of fake pages.

“They’re throwing people on advertising. I have Instagram, while I don’t mind. Perhaps my accounts that I created, I get banned by the administrators of fakes. Because they have my photos were posted before,” explained Cyril.