Экстрасенс Фатима Хадуева предотвратила трагедию в самолете The star of “the battle of psychics” saved the life of one of the passengers. Fatima Khadueva put the correct diagnosis and provided first aid to the unconscious elderly woman flying on the same flight as a finalist in the famous show.

      The first of December on the news feeds of news agencies there was a message about the emergency landing of airline “UTair”, flying from Moscow to Noyabrsk. The liner landed at the airport of Syktyvkar because of the poor health of one of the passengers. 62-year-old woman suddenly lost consciousness during the flight, gave the doctors.

      Later became known details of an incident. As it turned out, the life of an elderly passenger of the ill-fated flight rescued aboard a psychic Fatima Khadueva, TV presenter and winner of the 13th season of the popular show of channel TNT “Battle of psychics.” Psychic Fatima Khadueva quarreled with the channel, because men

      44-year-old Dagestani clairvoyant was able to make the correct diagnosis to feel bad for the woman and to provide timely and appropriate assistance. Doctors were on Board, and passengers, who had learned Khadueva Fatima, advised the crew to contact her.

      “I was approached with a request to help a woman who lost consciousness. When I approached her and took her hand, I realized that she had no pulse, no heartbeat. The flight attendants thought that she had a heart attack, actually she had a hypoglycemic coma. While I was a passenger, I asked the stewardess to make her very sweet tea. Certain manipulations, by clicking on a particular point, I ran to her breathing: she abruptly opened her eyes and took a deep breath, told about the incident, Fatima Khadueva. — After that task was to keep her attention and consciousness, this was done the woman who helped me. At this time, I poured her tea in the mouth and the sugar gradually started to come round.”

      The commander of the crew decided on emergency landing of the aircraft. At the airport, an elderly woman was waiting for the doctors, which gave the patient.

      However, this incident was not exhausted. Technicians, who examined the perpetrators of an unplanned landing Board, found it faulty and decided that further flights on it unsafe. “We had to change the plane, said in an interview to “Life” Fatima Khadueva. – Thus, it turns out that the injured woman saved us all from more terrible possible tragedy.”