Fans have supported Olga Buzova after hacking her phone

Поклонники поддержали Ольгу Бузову после взлома ее телефона Posted online, personal correspondence, videos and photos celebrity excited followers of the presenter. Many were sympathetic to the situation and asked Olga not to react to the actions of ill-wishers.

      The scandal surrounding the divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov escalated after hackers posted on the Internet messages to the presenter, as well as pictures and videos of an intimate nature. The public reaction has been mixed. Many netizens were shocked that a celebrity was in correspondence with actor Dmitry Nagiyev. The star of “Teacher” did not deny it, and only said he was not familiar with Olga as close as some would think. According to him, he, as a man and colleague, decided to support Buzova in the difficult situation.

      Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

      Ksenia Borodina has confirmed that between Nagiyev and others do not and can not be. They share only a friendship. She met the message of the stars that Nagiev always prefers the ironic and humorous form of communication, not putting in words of deep meaning. Fans of Olga are convinced that in such a situation there is no place for discussion of personal problems of their pet. They believe that, having overcome difficulties, Buzova can re-build your life the way you want.

      “When a man falls, his finish! Never a helping hand did not last long! Not like such people. All the evil!”, “Olga, don’t listen to anyone and live your life”, “Olga, you’re the best! You’ll be fine! God bless you!”, “You’re famous, you know everything! Educated, beautiful. Those who love you, they will not cease to love you, and those who rejoice at this moment, so it’s just a moment, it will pass! And all haters that Squirting bile, it also showed their ugly side! And now you know them in person! You’re not the traitor,” he wrote to fans of Olga on Instagram.

      Commentary about the incident, Dmitry Nagiyev said that he did not like too much attention from the public to the personal lives of Olga.

      “Miserable muck and falling into the abyss. If anyone is interested to watch, read or listen, it is all the internal stuff of the person to whom it is interesting,” Frank told the host of “the Voice”. Fans, in turn, did not find anything prejudicious in correspondence of their idols. Dmitry tried to tactfully hint Buzova, that she should not torment himself with doubts about the correctness of their decisions.

      Controversial blogger Elena Miro also spoke about the situation. Apparently, unlike fans of Olga, that is configured negatively. She tried to convince the readers of his blog that surfaced correspondence, photos and audio is not that other, as a competent public relations-a course, which will cause the public to talk about the star with even greater force.

      “Olga Buzova, say, hacked Whats App and iCloud. FBI begged Apple to do that with the terrorist’s phone, but haters Olenka was ahead of them. It turned out that Dmitry Nagiyev – a good one. I say this without irony,” he wrote in his blog, Miro.

      Subscribers who managed to read the words of the blogger was outraged by its sharp statements in the address of the presenter. They are convinced that the girl has no idea how the situation really is. Therefore, according to the users of the Network, it has no right to criticize Buzova.

      Olga some time kept quiet, but after hinted to her fans that she does not want to justify to anyone. According to Buzova, she has simply no time for this. I must say that currently, the star is in Berlin, where she was able to record an interview with the actors of the film “assassin’s Creed” Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender. The star of “House-2” tries to be optimistic with regard to the current situation, and less to accompany your social media posts decadent mood. The fans support her in that decision, claiming that it is the most reasonable solution.

      “I was shot – I was standing. Knives at me metal I was smiling. I was tortured – I was silent. They are not, and I stayed alive”, signed Olga one of your photos in the social network.