Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд? “StarHit” remembered the history of the brightest couples of the Russian show business that has not reached the Registrar’s office. Stellar alliances, from the seemingly unshakable, often fall apart, breaking the hearts of not only the lovers themselves but also their admirers.

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      How many hopes pinned fans at some stellar alliances! As they wanted to see their favorite Actresses and singers walk down the aisle in white dresses, and then to examine in microblogging and glossy magazines touching photos of newborn heirs of the famous couples… However, star alliances, from the seemingly unshakable, often fall apart, breaking the hearts of not only the lovers themselves but also their admirers. By the way, often the initiators of a breakup are a beautiful lady.
      “StarHit” recalls the most beautiful couples who for various reasons before the wedding she broke off the relationship.


      In may last year, all the maiden half of the country was jealous of the actress Svetlana Khodchenkova received a very romantic proposal of marriage from businessman George Petrishina. After the performance he appeared on stage and in front of numerous spectators fell to one knee before his beloved, he gave her the ring and asked me to be his wife. The wedding was to be a beautiful ending of a romantic relationship Svetlana and George, lasting from 2011.

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      Fans of the 33-year-old Svetlana Khodchenkova all summer and autumn discussed the coming wedding, dress the bride, guests and even the possible pregnancy of the beloved actress. But their dreams to see Khodchenkova walking down the aisle with Patriliny, as it turned out, not destined to come true. On his birthday Georgiy petrishin directly from the scene in the restaurant announced that its status is free. “Guys, unfortunately, broke up – couldn’t survive the old quarrel”, – told “StarHit” a friend of the pair named Anna.

      It was rumored that Svetlana Khodchenkova was disappointed with the levity of the groom, known for his love of beautiful ladies from the “blue screen”, and therefore decided to break up with him before the wedding, which was scheduled for February of this year. However, there is another opinion. Rumor has it that the actress was very jealous loved to work, like any woman, demanding greater attention, which George by virtue of employment, was unable to give her.

      “I have nothing to say, except that we really broke up, and remained in good friendly relations, – said Georgy petrishin in an interview to one of editions. I will always help Light and maintain it, as it is expensive for me man.”

      Alain Vodonaeva and Anton Korotkov

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      Since her divorce from businessman Alexei Malakaeva in 2013 in the life of TV presenter and former participant of “House-2” Alena Vodonaevoy appear young suitors – restaurateur Slava panterov, St. Petersburg-goer, Yuri Anda and racer Artem Markelov. And, finally, Alain found happiness in the arms of tattoo artist Anton Korotkov. The young man in the last year did Vodonaevoy the proposal, but the wedding has still not happened. Beloved spend a lot of time together, travel around the world. Watching the pair from the side, it might seem that the relationship of Alena and Anton there is peace and harmony. However, it is not so.

      Recently Vodonaeva admitted that she’s not just near the man she loved, and she’s thinking about how to break the engagement. “How difficult for different people to be with… And really want and love, and much to close my eyes, that had not closed. I don’t know … is it Possible to be together when apart from love, nothing… now I just want somewhere to run and hide. I just want to be alone” – open up the former participant “Houses-2” in the microblog.

      It is not excluded that this recognition will be followed by a pause in relations, it is obvious that it has read and beloved Alena Anton. At least, after the publication about the hardships of relationships Anton ribbon Alena was gone.

      Makim and Alexander krasovitskiy

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      Singer Makem added to the list of brides that never have acquired the status of wives, in February 2013. She refused to go down the aisle with the frontman of the band Animal Jazz Alexander Krasovitskiy, despite the allegation that the meeting with this man changed her.

      “He managed to convince me that you can just trust. I already didn’t trust anyone. He made me an offer, but I already almost half a year I think, said Makim. During his speech he may call me to the stage and once again declare your love. I, like any woman, very nice”.

      Singer Makem met with ex-lover

      The musicians met in 2012. Marina then often went to concerts together and with Alexander even recorded a track together for the song “Live”. Their relationship lasted over a year and escalated into a civil marriage, krasovitskiy quickly found a common language and Makim daughter from his first marriage with Sasha. Unfortunately fans of the singer, this novel did not end with the wedding. According to star, she almost understood from the start that I would never become the wife of Alexander krasovitskiy, because their romance was more like the relationship of two good friends.

      However, not so long ago Makim was spotted at the concert of Animal Jazz. That brought back the mother of two children – sense of guilt to a former lover for unfulfilled dreams or nostalgia for those times when they with Alexander have been together, is anyone’s guess.

      Grandson of Boris Yeltsin and Serbian model Tamara Lazic

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      The grandson of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin-younger was having an affair with the Serbian model Tamara Lazic for more than two years ago. Famous heartthrob quickly introduced to the beauty, who starred in the advertisement of women’s underwear, with family and friends, introducing her as his fiancée. The pair predicted a bright future: as the daughter top model was ready to accept even strict grandmother of Boris, Naina. The Serbian beauty has won the heart of his beloved sister and Yeltsin – 13-year-old Maria Yumasheva. For romantic relationships Yeltsin Jr. and Tamara Lazic was watched by thousands of users of social networks. Both publish passionate pictures in the microblog.

      Many noted that the 35-year-old heir to the loud family attitude towards his lover very seriously, close friends and relatives of the pair had hoped that the novel will end with the pompous wedding. But suddenly Boris and Tamara broke up. It is noteworthy that none of ex-lovers not commented on the breakup. I must say that a couple of years ago Boris Yeltsin-younger was determined to marry. However, he had not yet met with Tamara, but did not disclose the name of the one who wanted to connect his life and mentioned that he should start a family. But apparently, the heart is 35-year-old grandson of the first President of Russia freely.

      Anastasia Zadorozhnaya and Sergey Slavnov

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      Before the New year decided to take a break in a relationship the actress Anastasia Zadorozhnaya and figure skater Sergei Slavnov. For seven years the couple was together, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the wedding of their Pets. However, Anastasia, which has already turned 30 years old, preferred not to rush, though he received from his beloved a proposal of marriage. According to Sergey slavnova, every time he asked Cindy to marry him, she said, “I am your wife”.

      Nastya Zadorozhnaya parted with the civil husband

      Sergey and Anastasia met in 2008 on the project “Star ice”. They were in pairs, but soon began to meet, then the novel has grown into a civil marriage. As it seemed to others, between Sergey and Nastya reigned absolute understanding. The pair had high hopes for the future together and settled in life. However, the reality was not so simple. “Nastya is almost free, – told “StarHit” slavnova friend Alena Petrova. They don’t live with Seryozha together – the crisis of seven years of relationship. The boys have different schedules. But now Serezha had to work to move to his native St. Petersburg”.

      It is not excluded that the actress and skater still be able to restore the relationship, because to relinquish all they were saying to each other just about having to pause.

      Andrey Cherkasov and Victoria romanet

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      The assumption that jealousy can ruin even the most perfect relationship, but for myself, the participant “House-2” Victoria romanet. The girl seemed to be one step away from your own beautiful wedding. In love with her Andrei Cherkasov was proposed in a romantic way by gifting an expensive ring, the couple set the date of the occasion and even took part in the competition “Wedding in a million.” But it seems that Mendelssohn’s March for Andrew and Victoria don’t sound never. The couple broke up. The reason – the wild zeal of Victoria romanet, who wanted to be informed every step Cherkasova and watched all his movements, conversations and acquaintances. After the girl received marriage proposal, trust to the bridegroom she was not more. According to Andrew, he tried constantly to prove to Victoria that he loves her.

      “Take Vic’s hand and heart, I hoped that the new status of the bride’s favorite will forget about grudges and jealousy, but I was wrong, – said in an interview with Andrey Cherkasov. Much to our viewer’s left overs. I’ll just say it: I will never meet with a woman who raises a hand on me, humiliates, insults… I would really like to tell some details about this parting, after which the viewer would understand me, but let it be the way it is”.

      Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      Relationships between the participants “Houses-2” Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov full of cobwebs, which are based on obvious distrust that prevails in this pair. Andrew and I have already made a proposal and gave sweetheart a gorgeous diamond ring, hoping that will be the first person to play a celebration in the Seychelles. But the girl asked for the wedding to be postponed. Afrikantov referred to the emotional unwillingness to tie the knot with Andrew after a series of quarrels with the young man. However, later on, Andrew persuaded Marina to go down the aisle. But the wedding ceremony was eventually turned into a farce.

      On the question of whether he wants to take Marina as his wife, Chuyev said. The bride had a nervous breakdown, but later she came to herself and decided to continue the relationship with the evil who made fun of her Chevys. However, their wedding is again a big question. Afrikantov is now in Dubai, where he lives, according to one former, the other current, the wife of Andrey Chuev. She intends to meet her and find out at what stage is their relationship with the participant “Houses-2”. If this girl is not going to let go of his wife, Marina will no longer even look in the direction of Chueva, quietly step aside and will rebuild their personal life with another person.

      Ekaterina Varnava and Dmitry Khrustalyov

      Обещать – не значит жениться: почему срываются помолвки звезд?

      Dmitry Khrustalev and Catherine Barnabas was acquainted at festival in Sochi, however, really began to communicate when striking the girl came to work in Comedy Woman, where Dima was the lead. Their romance began in 2012, and six months after the beginning of the relationship they have lived in the same apartment. On the anniversary of relations showman did sweetheart proposal of marriage, having presented expensive ring. However before the wedding is not reached.

      Dmitry Khrustalev and Catherine Barnabas showed passion

      In July 2013 the couple broke up. “At some point I had the feeling that we’ve been together forever. There was no longer anything to happen. Except for the fact that, out of nowhere, appeared a huge number of claims against each other. Absolutely stupid! Started a quarrel, we often become silent, to hold grudges. In short, to torment each other. All exacerbated by fatigue – we have a lot of work. We just didn’t have the strength to specifically to do something and keep love,” said Catherine Barnabas the reasons for the separation in an interview to one of editions.

      The media personality said that after parting with Dmitry was more comfortable to work, and their love flowed in a very confidential, friendly, deep relationships. Barnabas is convinced that marriage must be approached very responsibly. She always said that he was going to marry once and for all, as her parents, who live together for almost 40 years. That is why Catherine is in no hurry to put the stamp in the passport, and now enjoys a wonderful romantic relationship with a new lover, the dancer Konstantin Myakinkova.

      Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin

      The showman of Prokhor Chaliapin, model Anna Kalashnikova teenage son Daniel, but that fact does not hurry a couple to marry. Recently, Prokhorov and Anna discussed the details of the upcoming wedding. However, when the bride has chosen a wedding dress, the singer flatly refused to marry the mother of his child. According to Shalyapin, the reason for such radical changes was the way of life of his bride. The musician admitted: the model does not have enough time not only for him but also his son. The girl is completely bogged down in work that does not suit Prokhor. “Want to be wife was waiting for me at home and cooked soup. But Anna has not only no time for me and our son miss him,” confessed “to StarHit” Chaliapin.

      Resolidifies on fiance Anna even for some time did not give Chaliapin to see a young son. But then the relationship of young parents once again began to warm. Having survived a series of quarrels, they for a second time set a date for the wedding. The pair hopes that the marriage will have a positive impact on their relationship. In early March, Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin applied in Kutuzovsky registry office. The lovers chose the wedding date is April 15, so they are left with not much time to organize a celebration.

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