Nike допускает возобновление сотрудничества с Марией Шараповой

Maria Sharapova

The head of Nike Trevor Edwards hinted that the company may resume cooperation with the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, during an emergency press conference on March 7 reported failed a doping test. Her statement sounded so:

In my blood found Meldonium. I have taken this drug for 10 years, he was legal. From 1 January 2016 it was banned, what I did not know. It’s my fault and I take full responsibility for it.

Meldonium has got to the list of prohibited January 1, 2016. World anti-doping Agency took the drug Mildronate, which includes the substance, to the category S4 (hormone and metabolic modulators). This means that the athlete may be suspended from performances for four years.

Nike допускает возобновление сотрудничества с Марией Шараповой
Maria Sharapova at a press conference on March 7

After the incident from a cooperation with athlete refused several brands, including Porsche, Nike and TAG Heuer. In addition, the status of goodwill Ambassador the Russian was deprived of a UN organization. However, after some time in one of the companies reconsidered the situation. Recalling the case of American Sprinter Justin Gatline, twice suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs, with which the company signed a contract in spring 2015, the Nike President Trevor Edwards said:

In the end, athletes are human beings as everyone else. The same shortcomings that the rest of us. Sometimes in these moments you can learn a lesson. Yes, every time something like this happens, it is for us a huge disappointment and grief. However, there are many athletes that inspire us.

Recall that Justin Gatlin is an American Sprinter, Olympic champion of 2004 and four-time world champion. In 2006, after the competition in Qatar, the analysis of doping samples indicated in the body of the athlete elevated levels of testosterone. As a result, he was suspended from competition for eight years, but then the suspension was cut in half. In 2001 Getline for the year was suspended after the discovery in its hallmark of amphetamines.

Nike допускает возобновление сотрудничества с Марией Шараповой
Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova

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