«12 стульев» по-сочински: 100 тысяч евро нашлись в старом стуле!

In Sochi the watchman of a boarding house took his chair with a “stash” of 100 thousand euros. Like a scene from the Comedy “12 chairs”!

Remember how the hero of the film Kisa Vorobyaninov (Anatoly Papanov) disappeared on the diamonds and pearls sewn in furniture by his mother-in-law? And as with a partner of Ostap Bender (Andrei Mironov) and then searched for across the country these chairs? It is unlikely that the authors of the works of Ilf and Petrov suggested that someone will take their book idea on arms and repeat almost fairy-tale story. But what did not happen!

As such insane amounts of money – 100 thousand Euro – was in old furniture? It turns out, hid them there the Director of the boarding house (for obvious reasons, we don’t call his name) in the autumn. It is unknown why he chose this method of storing your monetary condition, but the cinematic version was unreliable. In the winter the old furniture from the nursing home were taken to a warehouse for storage, so it usually happens. But back in the preparation of the resort for the spring influx of tourists has brought not all the furniture – a few chairs are not enough!

Can you imagine what was going on with the Director, when he realized that he had lost 100 thousand euros! But, nevertheless, he did not go to the police and start an investigation. Decided to deal with everything himself.

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Meanwhile, the staff wondered – why so much fuss over some chairs that are not even Antiques, ordinary, old, Soviet? And even more, why in the sanatorium arrived specialist-polygraph the lie detector, and the decision of the Director of staff check on this machine?

For the Director of the sanatorium, the story ended better than in the movie. If the “12 chairs” treasures found, but with the money built a club, then life embodiment, the entire amount was returned to the owner.

Using the polygraph revealed that one of the guards decided that it’s time to write off these nondescript chairs and took them to his cottage! About the money knew nothing, did not prepare any plans to steal from the Director, otherwise how to explain that he did not touch a single cent?

Surely now the Director of the sanatorium have preferred a more secure way of storing their savings. By the way, the guard was forgiven and not fired.

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